Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Sassy Crafter

The Sassy Crafter
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Kim Taylor is The Sassy Crafter and has participated in the Atomic shows since the first year. Kim interviewed me for a Gainesville paper she wrote for and it was my first Atomic interview. She is crafty, she is artsy, she is great with plants, she is funny, smart, lovely and I am proud to have her back for more Atomic torture. 

Rather than recreate the wheel, please check out her interview with the Gainesville Sun where you can learn more about her...I love her phrase ""champagne crafting on a beer budget."  I think many of us can relate to that!

Kim also coordinates GLAM, an indie craft show held in Gainesville on Sunday, Dec. 5, 2010 at the Thelma Boltin Center.

This woman can re-purpose ANYTHING. If I end up living on Skid Row someday, I am going to ask her to design my home out of the salvaged cardboard I find because I know she'd end up making it look like a show palace! 

Check out her Mid-Century Modern Atomic Eggbeater Clock, no two are the same .  What a hilarious, cheerful and ingenious creation by The Sassy Crafter!

Monday, October 25, 2010


This is the second year for ROCKLOVEPEACE to make an Atomic appearance.  I recently had an iced tea with founder, Del Harley at Pastry Art, here in Sarasota, which is owned by a former co-worker of mine from Planned Parenthood.  I have to say, hands down, I dig their coffee the most here in town and I love their pastries, yum-the'f-yum.  Really.

I digress, because I love sugar...which leads me to Del.  She is sweet, but not in a sugar overdose, stomach ache kind of way.  I really dig her!

Del has been busy with ROCKLOVEPEACE, her business plan struck her in an instant moment with her mission statement being: eco-friendly gifts that educate, motivate and activate positive change, one mind at a time.  Her products have been featured in national magazines and her delightful eco-friendly products will be available this year at Atomic!

 ROCKLOVEPEACE organic wood teethers were featured recently in Pregnancy Magazine and will be available at Atomic!  Del really impressed me with the research, time and process she took to create these teethers and employs, I think an uncle, to help her have them manufactured, here in the U.S!  I know I am buying a few for a set of pregnant gals I know.  
I could spend hours elaborating on the national press Del has had and success stories, so if you want to see what ROCKLOVEPEACE has been up to, check out her press HERE.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Red Marionette

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Kelli Williams of Red Marionette is another of one of my Atomic Misfits who has been in the show for a few years, or half a decade.  I really can't recall!  I will say her booth is usually the fruitiest, tootiest, cutiest (I know, I know, it's NOT A WORD) booth ever.  Her creations are as bright and cheerful as she is.  She has had some really exciting press recently which you can read all about here:

Here is a very cool video she made for You Tube showing her creative process from start to finish, click HERE.

Also, even cooler, and this is big time press folks, Kelli was featured in Christmas Ideas from Better Homes and Gardens with a pictorial of her Pocket Peeper Stockings.

She's hit the big leagues folks and I'm proud to have her back in Atomic.

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Crafty Hag

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Coralette Damme of The Crafty Hag is pretty damn humble. I think she should change the name of her biz to "The Crafty Humble Hag" because she really downplays her numerous talents. She returns to Atomic, man, I am really going senile, I think this may be her 4th year? Anyway, the gal has some serious print making skills, an imagination that seems endless and her output of work is impressive. You try doing all this stuff at home, it's a lot of work. But hey, that's what turns us Atomic people on!  All I know is I love her creations. Here is a recent video interview from the New Roots News, St. Pete where I learned more about Coralette and her creation process.

Friday, October 15, 2010

GingerDead by Calan Ree

GingerDead by Calan Ree
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Featured Atomic artist/maker of the day is Calan Ree who will be returning to Atomic Holiday Bazaar this December! I love Calan's morbidly amusing yet beautiful and perfectly executed approach to the darker side.

Read Calan's interview from the St. Pete Times, or online zine ART SLAM and, yes, there is more, she was recently the featured artist at the Florida Craftsmen Association

What can I say other than I dig her completely and you can to at Atomic Holiday Bazaar, she'll be working all three Atomic shows in December!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Demeree of DemiGod Studio

DemiGod Studio1
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I'm seriously senile...Demeree has been a part of Atomic, I think from the very first year!?!?

However, that would mean that I'd have to crack open all those old Atomic files and well, hells bells, this gal is coming to the 2010 Atomic show...and I really dig this!