Monday, November 23, 2009

Atomic Holiday Bazaar Interview with ZimKids

My friend Sue Handman who has participated in Atomic for the first three years put the ZimKids organization in touch with me to see if table space could be donated for their mission. It was impossible to say no to an organization. After visiting their website, ZimKids was a perfect fit for Atomic. Please read the ZimKids interview with Katherine Kourapis
Childcare Director at Cyesis Teen Parent Program and volunteer for ZimKids which is a such wonderful charity. Please consider visiting their table at the Sunday show on 12/13 to buy one of their one of a kind dolls. How can you say no to such sweet faces like these?!

Name of Business/Website Address? ZimKids is the name of the organization. I am simply a philanthropist and a teacher who supports this program. The name of the website is:

What City/State do you reside in? Sarasota, Florida, USA

Is this your first time attending Atomic or have you done the show before? This is the first time we will be showing in the Atomic Holiday Bazaar!

Is making stuff your full time occupation? Do you have a day job, are you a parent? How do you find the time to balance making stuff and taking time out for your life? These items are made by the children of No. Pumula, Zimbabwe. 100% of the children in this village are Orphans. They are all in need of food and therefore, create toys for food!

Do you recycle and incorporate found or used items in your creations? These students use 90% recycled materials for their dolls. The dolls that my students will create to support this organization will be approximately 50% of recycled materials.

What inspires you? Children!

What are your favorite bands? Indigo Girls, Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez

What is your favorite movie? Cool Runnings

Are you self taught, did a family member teach you or did you take classes? I have four college degrees. But I think you are referring to how we came up with our artistic talents…. I took a class in African Doll Making, from which my students will be creating dolls in the future. Regarding the African ZimKids dolls, they are taught by their Founder, Dennis Gaboury and teachers in Zimbabwe.

Do you ever get burnt out on creating things, hit a dry spot like writer's block? I find that there are times when my motivation to help or promote others, runs low.

Any oddities about you that the reader may find amusing, an extra toe, can't stand anyone near your armpits, etc.? I am absolutely passionate about global awareness for our youth. I firmly feel that educating our youth in a global perspective will aide me in my senior years and my children in their lifetime to come.

Where have you traveled or visited that made you feel a bit happier about Planet Earth? I would have to say that seeing the founder of ZimKids in action totally give me hope for my future. Further, coming to MMS everyday is inspiring as I watch our upcoming population of voters grow to be incredible people.

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