Thursday, November 13, 2014

Photography, Graphic Design by Billy Elkins,

Sunday, November 9, 2014

C.A.B. Fayre, Atomic Giveaway, good for the Saturday, 12/6 Atomic show.

 C.A.B. Fayre
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Carey Borden, of the unique and ever on trend C.A.B. Fayre is an all star at Atomic Holiday Bazaar.  It has been a pleasure to see her style and skills grow each year and she is a true 21st century indie-artist.  

C.A.B. Fayre utilizes modern technology creating 2D form and 3D fashion.  What does this mean? And what does it mean to be an indie-artist?  First, Carey hand draws her vision for a piece of jewelry, that piece is than programmed into some kind of hi-tech laser cutting machine, producing pieces in acrylic and wood in an array of color choices.  The pieces are then assembled, which means, they are finished with chains for necklaces, earring posts and adjustable ring sets, so you may then wear them!  No small feat!  

C.A.B. Fayre has been a featured Atomic misfit maker numerous times and was the Atomic cover girl for the Sarasota Herald Tribune's Ticket in 2011.  The ensemble you see her wearing is still available on her website and the 2011 Atomic customers who were lucky enough to get an Atomic tote also received one of the doe brooches.  If you cannot live with these sweet doe cuties, you may still buy them on her Etsy site here:

If you plan on attending the upcoming Atomic shows, Carey will be found in her C.A.B. Fayre booth, most likely working with her sidekick, her delightful mother.  For past shows Carey generously gave her time and talent to create one of a kind pieces just for the Atomic show.  
Left Side: Carey Borden showing off her C.A.B. Fayre designs at Atomic. 

Top Right: that's me with my Atomic symbol brooch, along with an Atomic champion shopper. 
Bottom Right: Jazz the handsome cat wearing his Atomic exclamation point necklace.
So, if you've made it this far, than you may be rewarded.  C.A.B. Fayre and Atomic Holiday Bazaar are hosting a giveaway. Here are the rules:

If you are one of the lucky 100 adult'ish people to enter the Saturday, 12/6/14 show, you will be handed an Atomic tote bag.  Inside one of those totes will be a card with a message stating "YOU ARE THE BIG WINNER."  Which means you need to go to the C.A.B. Fayre booth and Ms. Borden will graciously allow you to choose one piece of her amazing jewelry, of any value. Talk about a fun giveaway, thank you C.A.B. Fayre!

If you are unable to make it to Atomic, here are two of my favorites.  One, the honeybees are suffering, so it's nice to see this piece give props to our bees.  Second, I sell vintage clothing and spend a lot of time in thrift stores.  Need I say more?

The Bee's Knees Honeycomb necklace $27.00