Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Atomic Thanks Y O U!

Thank you everyone for coming out to the 6th Atomic Holiday Bazaar this past weekend in Sarasota, Fl.  Whether you were local or drove in from faraway places, your attendance was appreciated!

Thank you to my wonderful Atomic Misfits who worked their crafty bottoms off!  You are the meat and potatoes of Atomic, the beautiful indie craft guts that we feed on.  Your talent and enthusiasm are amazing and I am proud that you were in my show.  Thank you for your amazing donations to the Gimme Shelter raffle basket, the Bay Front room raffle basket and swag items for the tote bags!

Check out the 2011 Atomic Misfits who starred in the 6th Atomic Holiday Bazaar.  All images shown in this Flickr showcase were taken during the 2011 show and shot by bad ass Sid Graves.

Thank you to my tireless volunteers who helped me with all the nitty gritty Atomic stuff!  Also, a major shout out to the Sarasota Municipal Auditorium staff, Debbie, Bob and Jim, you are the absolute best and you are all "city treasure" employees!

Thank you to my wonderful sponsors, without you, Atomic would limp along, we appreciate you very much!


Thank you to the following people who filmed such amusing and colorful video footage of this year's Atomic shows:

Filmed by Tony William

Filmed by Joey Panek

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Art Whisperer Video Interview featuring a tiny preview of Atomic's Misfit Crafters!

Props to the Atomic Misfits featured in this video: 
1.*sutara* - - little girl dress in blue.
2. MetroViking - - yellow t on wall, Darth Vader T & hoodie on mannequin.
3. Betsy Bell - - pig pillow.
4. Our Lady of Perpetual Pickles - - canned Sweet Heats.
5. Sexy Beast Accessories - - charm bracelet on A.L.
6. PAMDESIGN - - hand painted vases.
7. Sue Handman - - I kiss my dog t.
8. Clothesline - - rust t and black t on wall.
9. The Crafty Hag - - Krampus t on mannequin.
10. C.A.B. Fayre - - Doe necklace / earrings / octopus necklace.
11. Fresh Farmer - - Awesome office clip necklace on A.L.
12. Lolablue - - Soaps and more on silver platter.
13. Cannibal Crafts - - mustaches on sticks.
14. DearMaddi - batman and top hat disguise.
15. When Bunnies Fly - - two art prints.
16. Ems b. jewelry - - repurposed floral necklace on hand.
17. rocklovepeace - - wooden baby teethers / peace frisbee.
18. Kelley Love Designs - - vintage repurposed necklace.
19. Redheaded Stepchild Designs - - knitted hat & scarf.
20. Oppa Snout Designs - - Owl felt keychain.
21. Zu-li Designs - - Magnet set, vintage birds.