Saturday, November 5, 2011

Atomic 2011 Sponsors!

I just added the current list of 2011 Atomic sponsors (see logos on right side of this web blog).  I want to take this time to write a little bit about them because I couldn't run this show without their wonderful support!

Whole Foods Sarasota has been providing a delicious and tasty breakfast for my Sunday vendors since 2006.  This is a huge deal in the morning while we are rushing around preparing the show floor before we open the doors and vendors are setting up their dazzling displays; to be able to grab some free AND yummy breakfast to fuel up for the day is an appreciated generosity and I thank Nikki Heil and Whole Foods for their years of support.

Which leads me to a new sponsor, Simon's Coffee House.  Over the years I've had and continue to have friends who work at Simon's.  I get there now and then but it's a bit away from my hood, otherwise I'd be there on a regular basis. I plan on going there for dinner when my boyfriend gets in town (I know TMI), but I hear their dinners are as fabulous, healthy and unique as their breakfast specials.  Simon's Coffee House will be providing a tasty light breakfast for the Saturday Atomic vendors.  This is the first time the Saturday crew will have this wonderful morning offering!  I am grateful to Holly Gineitas and her father for being so generous to my Atomic vendors and show!  If you want to read a review about Simon's in case you aren't familiar with this family run eatery, This Week in Sarasota wrote a damn good review which covers all the basis!

Anything Arts has been with Atomic since 2006.  Christine Alexander who is co-founder and mother ship of AA even worked in the kitchen as a volunteer that year.  Rick Hughes (papa ship) and Chris' AA is an invaluable resource for locals that have anything related to the arts in Sarasota, sign up for their bi-monthly newsletter if you want to know what is going on in SRQ or need help getting the word out about an artistic/theatrical event.  Their website and newsletters are a wonderful resource for the Sarasota community.  Look for Christine at the Atomic Holiday Bazaar this year because she is scheduled to work the door as a volunteer, you'll recognize her because she is otherwise known as Bald Chick Ads on Facebook!  You may recognize this noggin but the signage is always changing and always for hire, brilliant!

Each year Atomic passes out 100 tote bags to the first 100 adult'ish people through the door.  The first year we gave them to the first 100 who entered, my friend pointed out that the totes were larger than some of the toddlers who were strutting around with them.  Lesson learned so we upped the "rule" to adult'ish only.  These cotton totes are screen printed by locals Clothesline, which is gallery, t-shirt boutique and screen printing business in historic Burns Square in Sarasota.  If you need something screen printed, these are the peeps to contact and you should visit their store if you get a chance, it's a visual experience for sure.  This is the third year they will be printing the totes which will be filled with indie-goodness-swag, vendor coupons that can be used the day of the show and one of my favorite magazines ever...

Atomic Ranch magazine.  I am a huge fan of mid century modern architecture.  When I first stumbled across this magazine I subscribed and really began to learn about these wonderful and unique houses.  I contacted the founder and editor, James Brown, and was really surprised when he responded to my inquiry about being a sponsor of Atomic Holiday Bazaar.  This is the third year Atomic Ranch has generously agreed to fill the totes with their magazine.  It is a quarterly publication, (subscribe here!)  I wish it were weekly because the pictorials and articles are so informative and fun to read.  Sarasota, Florida has a nice array of MCMs (mid-century moderns) and I keep trying to lure the team of Atomic Ranch to our beautiful city to do a piece on our fabulous homes here in Sarasota.

Mommy Magazine has been a part of Atomic since 2006!  I've had a few friends write for this publication and  the Art Director, Robin Eiseman has participated in Atomic under her business Nekeds.  I'm not a parent and sometimes children are like a foreign language to me, however, I read this magazine and I have learned a lot about poop (my favorite), toys, nutrition, exercise...all written by parents who have wonderful senses of humor.  They tackle serious subjects about child rearing but it is all written in an approachable and fun manner.  If I were a parent, this would be one of my local SRQ resources because they list a ton of current family friendly events, such as mine, (honking the horn) Atomic.

When Atomic began in 2006, it was sponsored by the retired Creative Loafing; this publication was instrumental in getting the word out about Atomic and really helped the public learn about this new type of indie craft show.  When CL folded last year, it was picked up by the Sarasota Herald Tribune's Ticket Sarasota.  Thankfully the Ticket picked up Atomic too and I am proud to list them as an Atomic sponsor.  I couldn't get the word out about Atomic without having the Ticket reach their very large audience.  I recommend signing up for their online magazine which will keep you informed and up to date on anything that is happening in SRQ entertainment wise.  Folks who are planning on visiting SRQ for Atomic who are working the show or coming in to shop, use the Ticket as your go-to for restaurant reviews, things to see, places to shop and our local night life.

I found Jessica's Picture Framing Studio years ago when I used one of their coupons found in a mail pack that you find hanging on your door.  That was years ago and I have been using Jessica's ever since, they are the BEST.  Lots of local artists go to Jessica's to get their work matted and framed and if you visit their store they have a wonderful art collection showcasing their beautiful frames.  You can find Dari Goggans and Kristen McGuigan working there, cheerful, professional, funny, oh, and you will also find them at Atomic this year at both shows working under their respective vendor names (Dari) "i just wanna sew all day long...and (Kristen) Oppa Snout Designs.

This year Sarasota's roller derby team the Suncoast Quad Squad, (bad-ass women who I wish I could have just a smidgen of their coordination in shoes) will be on hand at both morning shows handing out the Atomic totes to the first 100 adults who enter the show.  They will also have a merch table at both Atomic shows where they will be recruiting for new members and selling items to support their wonderful club.  If you haven't seen the squad, their home matches are at the Stardust Skate Center on 12th Street in Sarasota.

CRAFT "transforming traditional crafts" is a wonderful online magazine that has sponsored Atomic in the past and as Carol Anne from Poltergeist said "they're baaaAAAAcckkkk!"  CRAFT showcases 21st century craft and is top notch resource for learning new and older crafting techniques.  Crafters can share projects online, posting videos, tutorials and pictures.  Also, CRAFT is a sister to the founders of Maker Faire - one of the planets largest DIY festivals!  I've included a CRAFT how-to tutorial on how to bring on the bling to a pair of high heels.  This is just one video of many to choose from, so if you are itching for a new project, check them out!