Tuesday, May 17, 2011

With Pleasure, Chained to Indie Craft! Saturday Show will remain an indie-craft show.

After some thought, some deep thoughts and then further trailing thoughts...and numerous emails from applicants who were disappointed that I was trying to change the theme of the Saturday Atomic show into a vintage'eee / flea market vibe, I have been persuaded to switch the Saturday show back to its original show theme. 

The above was an incredibly long run on sentence.  I suffer from dia'rear of the typing keys and it just spilled out that way.  Please forgive me.

Two other reasons for heading back to a two day indie-craft show is by offering a two day show to out of towner-crafters, this makes it more affordable and feasible for some people who are caravan'ing into Sarasota from far off lands.

I would have had to turn away some really talented applicants by not opening the show for two days and that was bumming me out.  I can't be bummed out, we just can't have that!  And I can't have you bummed out either!

So that's my announcement for now.  I will be turning the 2011 Misfit Crafter link list live by next week so we can begin to see how the show is populating out.

Hugs & Stitches,

Adrien Lucas