Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy New Year from the bottom of my Atomic heart!

Happy 2011 to all the wonderful warm bodies who had anything to do with the 5th Atomic Holiday Bazaar. 

We had a terrific turn out thanks to Atomic loyal fans who showed up in droves for the Saturday and Sunday 2010 shows.

I was informed the ATM machine at the auditorium was cleaned out and the servicer of the ATM machine said it was the largest draw ever for the auditorium.  Not bad for a country that is doing pretty poorly economically.  Not bad for the Arts and Crafts crowd either!

Here is a giant heap of Thank You's to the following (and in no particular order)...also, if I neglected to mention someone, please let me know so I may update this because I really am grateful to all who pitched in.
  • 2011 Sponsors, thank you.  Sponsors and their respective links are listed to the right of this blog, please visit them!  I couldn't have pulled Atomic off without their valuable time and generosity.  It is businesses such as theirs who support local arts and events, without them, many of the wonderful pieces of Atomic would not have occurred. 
  • To the Atomic Misfit Crafters and Artists, some of you have been with the show since 2006 and many of you were new this past December.  I love what you create, I love your enthusiasm and I appreciate the hard work you put into your creations and displays for the show.  The swag you provided for the Atomic tote bags was lovely and fun for all!  Thank you to EVERYONE, your extra effort for the shows is what makes Atomic all that more dazzling. 
  • To my crafters who donated items for the Gimme Shelter basket in support of this non-profit animal rescue organization, Thank You!  Your talent and generous spirit for donating your beautiful arts and crafts in support of this shelter are immensely appreciated!  I know the time it takes to make things, even just popping them into the mail for this...your time and talent that you selflessly gave for this means the world to me.  People who may be considering adopting a dog to be a permanent part of your family, please contact Michelle Sampson, who always has dogs in need of good homes.
  • Volunteers.  Wowza!  Again, from the very first year up to this past show, I continue to be amazed by all the wonderful friends and acquaintances I have who help me run this show.  I hope you know, Atomic would not exist without you.  Having your friendship is the most important thing and my expectations of you volunteering does not exist - I expect nothing in that capacity.  Yet, year after year, you all still come back for more torture and I love you all for that.  Thank you for helping make Atomic such a success.  As I have said before, if you need me to volunteer for anything you may be working on in the upcoming year, please let me help you!  Thank you all very much, you are mondo, bestest in the westest everest'est.
  • Employees of the Sarasota Municipal Auditorium.  YOU ROCK!  I am proud of our beautiful city building and appreciate the care and pride you all take in your jobs representing Sarasota and the beautiful Municipal Auditorium.  I hope people will take further advantage in renting the facility because it is one of SRQ's gems and a fabulous place to have a party.  From behind the curtains (administration) to the upkeep of the facility, I will continue to say year after year, I couldn't ask for a more professional and upbeat group of people to help me facilitate Atomic Holiday Bazaar.
Thanks to everyone who came out to the show and see you this year!  Here is a photo slide show of the shows, pics were taken by Sid Graves, Brian David Braun and Daniel Perales.

Hugs & Stitches,