Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Atomic Thanks Y O U!

Thank you everyone for coming out to the 6th Atomic Holiday Bazaar this past weekend in Sarasota, Fl.  Whether you were local or drove in from faraway places, your attendance was appreciated!

Thank you to my wonderful Atomic Misfits who worked their crafty bottoms off!  You are the meat and potatoes of Atomic, the beautiful indie craft guts that we feed on.  Your talent and enthusiasm are amazing and I am proud that you were in my show.  Thank you for your amazing donations to the Gimme Shelter raffle basket, the Bay Front room raffle basket and swag items for the tote bags!

Check out the 2011 Atomic Misfits who starred in the 6th Atomic Holiday Bazaar.  All images shown in this Flickr showcase were taken during the 2011 show and shot by bad ass Sid Graves.

Thank you to my tireless volunteers who helped me with all the nitty gritty Atomic stuff!  Also, a major shout out to the Sarasota Municipal Auditorium staff, Debbie, Bob and Jim, you are the absolute best and you are all "city treasure" employees!

Thank you to my wonderful sponsors, without you, Atomic would limp along, we appreciate you very much!


Thank you to the following people who filmed such amusing and colorful video footage of this year's Atomic shows:

Filmed by Tony William

Filmed by Joey Panek

     Wanna be friends on Facebook?  Atomic does!  

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Art Whisperer Video Interview featuring a tiny preview of Atomic's Misfit Crafters!

Props to the Atomic Misfits featured in this video: 
1.*sutara* - - little girl dress in blue.
2. MetroViking - - yellow t on wall, Darth Vader T & hoodie on mannequin.
3. Betsy Bell - - pig pillow.
4. Our Lady of Perpetual Pickles - - canned Sweet Heats.
5. Sexy Beast Accessories - - charm bracelet on A.L.
6. PAMDESIGN - - hand painted vases.
7. Sue Handman - - I kiss my dog t.
8. Clothesline - - rust t and black t on wall.
9. The Crafty Hag - - Krampus t on mannequin.
10. C.A.B. Fayre - - Doe necklace / earrings / octopus necklace.
11. Fresh Farmer - - Awesome office clip necklace on A.L.
12. Lolablue - - Soaps and more on silver platter.
13. Cannibal Crafts - - mustaches on sticks.
14. DearMaddi - batman and top hat disguise.
15. When Bunnies Fly - - two art prints.
16. Ems b. jewelry - - repurposed floral necklace on hand.
17. rocklovepeace - - wooden baby teethers / peace frisbee.
18. Kelley Love Designs - - vintage repurposed necklace.
19. Redheaded Stepchild Designs - - knitted hat & scarf.
20. Oppa Snout Designs - - Owl felt keychain.
21. Zu-li Designs - - Magnet set, vintage birds.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Atomic 2011 Sponsors!

I just added the current list of 2011 Atomic sponsors (see logos on right side of this web blog).  I want to take this time to write a little bit about them because I couldn't run this show without their wonderful support!

Whole Foods Sarasota has been providing a delicious and tasty breakfast for my Sunday vendors since 2006.  This is a huge deal in the morning while we are rushing around preparing the show floor before we open the doors and vendors are setting up their dazzling displays; to be able to grab some free AND yummy breakfast to fuel up for the day is an appreciated generosity and I thank Nikki Heil and Whole Foods for their years of support.

Which leads me to a new sponsor, Simon's Coffee House.  Over the years I've had and continue to have friends who work at Simon's.  I get there now and then but it's a bit away from my hood, otherwise I'd be there on a regular basis. I plan on going there for dinner when my boyfriend gets in town (I know TMI), but I hear their dinners are as fabulous, healthy and unique as their breakfast specials.  Simon's Coffee House will be providing a tasty light breakfast for the Saturday Atomic vendors.  This is the first time the Saturday crew will have this wonderful morning offering!  I am grateful to Holly Gineitas and her father for being so generous to my Atomic vendors and show!  If you want to read a review about Simon's in case you aren't familiar with this family run eatery, This Week in Sarasota wrote a damn good review which covers all the basis!

Anything Arts has been with Atomic since 2006.  Christine Alexander who is co-founder and mother ship of AA even worked in the kitchen as a volunteer that year.  Rick Hughes (papa ship) and Chris' AA is an invaluable resource for locals that have anything related to the arts in Sarasota, sign up for their bi-monthly newsletter if you want to know what is going on in SRQ or need help getting the word out about an artistic/theatrical event.  Their website and newsletters are a wonderful resource for the Sarasota community.  Look for Christine at the Atomic Holiday Bazaar this year because she is scheduled to work the door as a volunteer, you'll recognize her because she is otherwise known as Bald Chick Ads on Facebook!  You may recognize this noggin but the signage is always changing and always for hire, brilliant!

Each year Atomic passes out 100 tote bags to the first 100 adult'ish people through the door.  The first year we gave them to the first 100 who entered, my friend pointed out that the totes were larger than some of the toddlers who were strutting around with them.  Lesson learned so we upped the "rule" to adult'ish only.  These cotton totes are screen printed by locals Clothesline, which is gallery, t-shirt boutique and screen printing business in historic Burns Square in Sarasota.  If you need something screen printed, these are the peeps to contact and you should visit their store if you get a chance, it's a visual experience for sure.  This is the third year they will be printing the totes which will be filled with indie-goodness-swag, vendor coupons that can be used the day of the show and one of my favorite magazines ever...

Atomic Ranch magazine.  I am a huge fan of mid century modern architecture.  When I first stumbled across this magazine I subscribed and really began to learn about these wonderful and unique houses.  I contacted the founder and editor, James Brown, and was really surprised when he responded to my inquiry about being a sponsor of Atomic Holiday Bazaar.  This is the third year Atomic Ranch has generously agreed to fill the totes with their magazine.  It is a quarterly publication, (subscribe here!)  I wish it were weekly because the pictorials and articles are so informative and fun to read.  Sarasota, Florida has a nice array of MCMs (mid-century moderns) and I keep trying to lure the team of Atomic Ranch to our beautiful city to do a piece on our fabulous homes here in Sarasota.

Mommy Magazine has been a part of Atomic since 2006!  I've had a few friends write for this publication and  the Art Director, Robin Eiseman has participated in Atomic under her business Nekeds.  I'm not a parent and sometimes children are like a foreign language to me, however, I read this magazine and I have learned a lot about poop (my favorite), toys, nutrition, exercise...all written by parents who have wonderful senses of humor.  They tackle serious subjects about child rearing but it is all written in an approachable and fun manner.  If I were a parent, this would be one of my local SRQ resources because they list a ton of current family friendly events, such as mine, (honking the horn) Atomic.

When Atomic began in 2006, it was sponsored by the retired Creative Loafing; this publication was instrumental in getting the word out about Atomic and really helped the public learn about this new type of indie craft show.  When CL folded last year, it was picked up by the Sarasota Herald Tribune's Ticket Sarasota.  Thankfully the Ticket picked up Atomic too and I am proud to list them as an Atomic sponsor.  I couldn't get the word out about Atomic without having the Ticket reach their very large audience.  I recommend signing up for their online magazine which will keep you informed and up to date on anything that is happening in SRQ entertainment wise.  Folks who are planning on visiting SRQ for Atomic who are working the show or coming in to shop, use the Ticket as your go-to for restaurant reviews, things to see, places to shop and our local night life.

I found Jessica's Picture Framing Studio years ago when I used one of their coupons found in a mail pack that you find hanging on your door.  That was years ago and I have been using Jessica's ever since, they are the BEST.  Lots of local artists go to Jessica's to get their work matted and framed and if you visit their store they have a wonderful art collection showcasing their beautiful frames.  You can find Dari Goggans and Kristen McGuigan working there, cheerful, professional, funny, oh, and you will also find them at Atomic this year at both shows working under their respective vendor names (Dari) "i just wanna sew all day long...and (Kristen) Oppa Snout Designs.

This year Sarasota's roller derby team the Suncoast Quad Squad, (bad-ass women who I wish I could have just a smidgen of their coordination in shoes) will be on hand at both morning shows handing out the Atomic totes to the first 100 adults who enter the show.  They will also have a merch table at both Atomic shows where they will be recruiting for new members and selling items to support their wonderful club.  If you haven't seen the squad, their home matches are at the Stardust Skate Center on 12th Street in Sarasota.

CRAFT "transforming traditional crafts" is a wonderful online magazine that has sponsored Atomic in the past and as Carol Anne from Poltergeist said "they're baaaAAAAcckkkk!"  CRAFT showcases 21st century craft and is top notch resource for learning new and older crafting techniques.  Crafters can share projects online, posting videos, tutorials and pictures.  Also, CRAFT is a sister to the founders of Maker Faire - one of the planets largest DIY festivals!  I've included a CRAFT how-to tutorial on how to bring on the bling to a pair of high heels.  This is just one video of many to choose from, so if you are itching for a new project, check them out!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Atomic Saturday NIGHT show CANCELLED.

The Saturday, 12/10/11 show has been cancelled.  Atomic Holiday Bazaar will continue on with its usual day shows scheduled for Saturday, 12/10/11 and Sunday, 12/11/11.

There are numerous reasons as to why the evening portion of the show has been cancelled, here are the top three.

I was hopeful to find a local Sarasota entity/human/organization to co-brand the evening portion of the Atomic show.  I presented my idea to several people in town, strangely, (at least to me) no one seemed to be able to grasp the concept.  I made a feeble effort to meet with some other people but scheduling conflicts and day to day life and work got me side tracked.

I was hoping I could find someone who would share the workload and share auditorium expenses (only expenses related to the hours for the evening show) and I would split the door proceeds down the middle with them.  This could have been a wonderful monetary opportunity for someone who could not really afford to rent the auditorium  -- since the city won't let anyone rent the building for half a day.  I thought this concept could work for someone who wanted to raise money for a charity during the holiday season or to simply be an event promoter and have an off the beaten path type of party, which incidentally would have included the fabulous Atomic indie crafters.

Also, managing the evening show in addition to running two fully loaded day shows has really taken a toll on my personal creativity and it will be nice to actually perhaps make something again with my two hands instead of being glued to the computer.

Lastly, a very good friend of mine is getting married on 12/10 and I am really hopeful that I can make it to her wedding reception after working the day show on Saturday.

As Scarlett Atomic O'Hara said, "after all....tomorrow is another day.  So perhaps next year I'll try and throw another evening Atomic party.  Until then, can't wait to see all of you at the Atomic day shows on Saturday, December 10th and Sunday, December 11th!

Hugs and Stitches,

Adrien Lucas

Friday, September 16, 2011

B'sue Boutique's "Sari Ribbon Party Blog Hop....You're Invited!"

Recently I met B'sue online, I was looking trolling through YouTube and stumbled upon her jewelry video how-to's.  She instantly captured me with her down to earth style in front of the camera, her sense of humor and her wonderfully amusing large cats who make an occasional appearance.  More importantly though, she shares her knowledge of jewelry design and shows you in video how to do-it-yourself. 
When I read her "About" page I found out we were both from Ohio and she worked at the Rogers Flea Market for of my most favorite places to shop.  What I also liked about her "About" page was her complete honesty about the nature of her work and how she got there.  We could all learn a lot from B,Sue (and yes there is a story to her name) in more ways than one!
Oh, also, she has a wonderful jewelry supply online store.  Her inventory is affordable and a wonderful place to go if you are like me and may need a certain strange piece to fix a vintage jewelry piece.
She is having a contest that ends next month and I told her I'd share her post with my Atomic peeps.  The info regarding the contest is below...or you all can simply jump over to her website!  Cheers!

We've had a number of challenges with Five and Dime Style at B'sue Boutiques, but this is our VERY FIRST blog hop!  The date is Friday, October 14th.    The rules are VERY simple:
1.  Your entry must be a piece of jewelry, and it must have some sari ribbon in it.   That might be:
a cuff you have woven out of it
a necklace with a neckline treatment that incorporates it
a cuff wrapped with sari
bezels tied with sari
sari ribbon accents on chain
flowers made of sari
....those are just a few ideas.   You do what you want.   YOU ARE THE DESIGNER.   But it can't be a jacket, a purse, a decorator item......IT HAS TO BE A PIECE OF JEWELRY.  And it has to be sari ribbon (although you can also incorporate other ribbons into the piece, as well).  That means it will be a:
earrings jewelry will be accepted.
The sari ribbon and components do NOT have to be purchased from B'sue Boutiques, but of course, I'd be lying if I didn't say I appreciate your patronage.  LOL
The sari is found here at B'sue Boutiques  don't worry if the inventory is showing low....we have LOTS more.   Just let me know!  I'll fix it.
2.  YOU MUST HAVE A BLOG.   I'm not going to be able to sponsor photos on my blog---except Meep's!  
To be honest, if you don't have a blog, maybe this is just the impetus you need to get one started.  If you sell your work, you are really remiss if you aren't using a blog to feature your work and talk about it.   It's a valuable asset.  Many blog formats, like BLOGGER, are free!  They are also simple to set up.  
3.  When you commit to being a participant, I will save your name and your blog URL to a Word document.   The day before the hop (13th) I will post the participants and their URLS here at this blog.   Everyone who has signed up will have the responsibility to come and get the list and post it on THEIR blog, along with their photos and whatever they want to say about their entry, on their blogs EARLY AS POSSIBLE on October 14.
Having the list on your blog with your entry is ESSENTIAL for the hop to work.   That's what a blog hop is, you hop from blog to blog to look at the entries.  So if you don't post the list, it won't be fair to the rest.  ;-)
As much as possible, you will want to leave a comment about others' blog hop entries, when you visit their blogs on that day, too.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Atomic Holiday Bazaar Seeks Sponsors

I am inviting you to join me this year as a sponsor of my 6th annual Atomic Holiday Bazaar on Saturday, December 10th and Sunday, December 11th, held at the historical art deco Sarasota Municipal Auditorium.

If you are not familiar with my show, Atomic Holiday Bazaar is an indie Arts &Crafts’ fair featuring hand made 21st century crafts. Indie craft fairs have popped up everywhere across the nation with shows such as the nationwide Renegade Craft Fair, and the Chicago, DIY Trunk Show. Six years ago I decided to create Atomic in Sarasota for people like me who walk a little off the beaten path and didn't want to do their holiday shopping at large department stores. Atomic is not your granny's craft show and is known locally for its unique, affordable and slightly irreverent atmosphere. Here is a link to a video from SNN Channel 6 shot a few years ago to give you a better understanding about all things Atomic: ATOMIC 2009 NEWS CLIP.

Sponsors of Atomic Holiday Bazaar are recognized in the community as leaders who openly value resources and labor, as evidenced by your support of independent artists and crafters in our community and afar. Atomic crafters join the shows this year from as far as Guatemala, numerous states in the U.S. and the entire state of Florida. Each day 1200 people walk through the door to shop at Atomic; last year the ATM machine was cleaned out twice to an amount of $10K which was spent at the shows; that's an amazing statistic considering the economy the past few years.

I work tirelessly on this show through an extensive Friends list on Facebook and have grown vendors and shoppers from diverse geographic areas. I use any and every source of online social media to ensure Atomic is saturating the advertising market.Please consider joining current sponsors the Sarasota Herald Tribune Ticket, Mommy Magazine, Anything Arts, Sarasota Music Scene, Jessica's Framing Studio, Clothesline and the Suncoast Quad Squad roller girls in supporting this unique community event.

I sincerely appreciate corporate and individual sponsors and hope your generous commitment can be added in helping to continue a community holiday tradition supporting indie-artists. I am also interested in sponsor-in-trade agreements, if you have a cool idea that you think will compliment both your business and the Atomic shows, I am all ears! Please contact me if you have any questions regarding the upcoming Atomic shows and ask me to shoot you a listing of the Atomic Sponsorship Levels.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sunday, 12/11/11 Atomic Show Sold Out - Spaces still open for the Saturday shows on 12/10/11.

Greetings People! Thank you for your interest in Atomic! As of July 27, all exhibit spaces for the Sunday, 12/11/11 show are Sold Out. Spaces for the Saturday, 12/10/11 Day and Evening show are still available but are filling up quickly! Please email me if you wish to be considered for the Wait List for the Sunday, 12/11/11 show, along with web info or jpgs of recent creations. Thank you! Adrien Lucas, Event Organizer

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

With Pleasure, Chained to Indie Craft! Saturday Show will remain an indie-craft show.

After some thought, some deep thoughts and then further trailing thoughts...and numerous emails from applicants who were disappointed that I was trying to change the theme of the Saturday Atomic show into a vintage'eee / flea market vibe, I have been persuaded to switch the Saturday show back to its original show theme. 

The above was an incredibly long run on sentence.  I suffer from dia'rear of the typing keys and it just spilled out that way.  Please forgive me.

Two other reasons for heading back to a two day indie-craft show is by offering a two day show to out of towner-crafters, this makes it more affordable and feasible for some people who are caravan'ing into Sarasota from far off lands.

I would have had to turn away some really talented applicants by not opening the show for two days and that was bumming me out.  I can't be bummed out, we just can't have that!  And I can't have you bummed out either!

So that's my announcement for now.  I will be turning the 2011 Misfit Crafter link list live by next week so we can begin to see how the show is populating out.

Hugs & Stitches,

Adrien Lucas

Sunday, April 3, 2011

2011 Atomic Holiday Bazaar Show Info - Press Release For Immediate Consumption

Adrien Lucas announces 2011 Atomic Holiday Bazaar show info.
Sarasota Municipal Auditorium - Saturday, 12/10/11 & Sunday, 12/11/11
Applications to apply go live 4/15/11

A new spin on Atomic will launch on Saturday, 12/10/11. Atomic will dedicate the Saturday show exclusively to vintage apparel, jewelry, house wares, re-purposed vintage and new clothing based upon retro designs, kitsch and antique assemblage, vinyl and more. “I am excited about introducing my version of an Atomic estate sale, based upon my eclectic kitschy tastes and years of experience working with vintage clothing and admiring beautiful used objects. Every year I see more and more applications based in vintage collections and a growing number of people interested in retro objects. I want this show to grow into a nationally recognized vintage venue for purveyors and collectors of anything and everything vintage.”

The Atomic Saturday Night show is being produced by Sarasota Music Scene and will host local bands who have been featured in the Noise Ordinance CD series. SMS is seeking a national music act to headline the evening show. In addition to live music, the Saturday night Atomic show will feature a rock-n-roll based indie arts and crafts market.

2011 marks the 6th year of Sarasota’s first original indie craft show.  On Sunday, 12/11/11, Atomic returns to its roots focusing on handmade, indie craft and arts. This annual holiday tradition continues to be the place to buy affordable, amusing and elegant American handmade craft. Atomic is “not your granny’s craft show” and offers high end to low brow jewelry that you could imagine seen in a Teen Vogue spread. Other fun products that you won’t see at department chains are: screen printed t-shirts, organic body products, assemblage, collage, photography, clothing, baby products, home d├ęcor, there is something for everyone.

Atomic applications to apply for entry into the 2011 shows go live on April 15th and will be available at the Atomic website. Vendors are encouraged to apply early as space is limited and sells out quickly.

Atomic is always seeking Sponsorships that will be a good blend for both the sponsor and the show. To discuss sponsorship opportunities, please contact event organizer, Adrien Lucas.
Contact: Adrien Lucas / / 941-539-9044                                                                

Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy New Year from the bottom of my Atomic heart!

Happy 2011 to all the wonderful warm bodies who had anything to do with the 5th Atomic Holiday Bazaar. 

We had a terrific turn out thanks to Atomic loyal fans who showed up in droves for the Saturday and Sunday 2010 shows.

I was informed the ATM machine at the auditorium was cleaned out and the servicer of the ATM machine said it was the largest draw ever for the auditorium.  Not bad for a country that is doing pretty poorly economically.  Not bad for the Arts and Crafts crowd either!

Here is a giant heap of Thank You's to the following (and in no particular order)...also, if I neglected to mention someone, please let me know so I may update this because I really am grateful to all who pitched in.
  • 2011 Sponsors, thank you.  Sponsors and their respective links are listed to the right of this blog, please visit them!  I couldn't have pulled Atomic off without their valuable time and generosity.  It is businesses such as theirs who support local arts and events, without them, many of the wonderful pieces of Atomic would not have occurred. 
  • To the Atomic Misfit Crafters and Artists, some of you have been with the show since 2006 and many of you were new this past December.  I love what you create, I love your enthusiasm and I appreciate the hard work you put into your creations and displays for the show.  The swag you provided for the Atomic tote bags was lovely and fun for all!  Thank you to EVERYONE, your extra effort for the shows is what makes Atomic all that more dazzling. 
  • To my crafters who donated items for the Gimme Shelter basket in support of this non-profit animal rescue organization, Thank You!  Your talent and generous spirit for donating your beautiful arts and crafts in support of this shelter are immensely appreciated!  I know the time it takes to make things, even just popping them into the mail for this...your time and talent that you selflessly gave for this means the world to me.  People who may be considering adopting a dog to be a permanent part of your family, please contact Michelle Sampson, who always has dogs in need of good homes.
  • Volunteers.  Wowza!  Again, from the very first year up to this past show, I continue to be amazed by all the wonderful friends and acquaintances I have who help me run this show.  I hope you know, Atomic would not exist without you.  Having your friendship is the most important thing and my expectations of you volunteering does not exist - I expect nothing in that capacity.  Yet, year after year, you all still come back for more torture and I love you all for that.  Thank you for helping make Atomic such a success.  As I have said before, if you need me to volunteer for anything you may be working on in the upcoming year, please let me help you!  Thank you all very much, you are mondo, bestest in the westest everest'est.
  • Employees of the Sarasota Municipal Auditorium.  YOU ROCK!  I am proud of our beautiful city building and appreciate the care and pride you all take in your jobs representing Sarasota and the beautiful Municipal Auditorium.  I hope people will take further advantage in renting the facility because it is one of SRQ's gems and a fabulous place to have a party.  From behind the curtains (administration) to the upkeep of the facility, I will continue to say year after year, I couldn't ask for a more professional and upbeat group of people to help me facilitate Atomic Holiday Bazaar.
Thanks to everyone who came out to the show and see you this year!  Here is a photo slide show of the shows, pics were taken by Sid Graves, Brian David Braun and Daniel Perales.

Hugs & Stitches,