Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lolablue, Indulge Yourself. Respect Mother Earth

The other night I did a long rambling video blog about Jamie Lovern of Lolablue who makes hand-crafted natural body products and candles.  Lolablue (Jamie) has been with Atomic for four years and I don't think my video blog really does her products justice.  I've attached the video so you can shove a fork into your eyeball due to my incessant rambling which I tried to make relatable to the products, but I need to give this lady the props she deserves!  In the future, I will try and make videos that are about a minute long.  I PROMISE!

First off, Jamie delivered a box of her delicious goodies that will be available at both Atomic day shows on 12/11 and12/12...follow your nose, she will be in the fragrant booth with her husband who I think has worked beside her at every show (nice to have a partner in crime like that!).

Lolablue offers two types of soaps - 100% Natural - pure essential oils and
97% Natural - blend of essential & phthalate-free cosmetic grade fragrance oil.

I had the pleasure of trying the Spearmint Lime Mint soap, it is pure pleasure.  Right now as I type this I have the 100% Pure Peppermint soap sitting next to me which I can smell as I type.  The soap lathers up nicely and really did leave me feeling refreshed and clean and who doesn't want to feel that way?  Well, maybe little boys prefer the opposite.

As I mentioned in the video, I also tried her Daily Bliss Aromatherapy Mister in a Clove Patchouli Mint.  I am a reformed Clove smoker (mainly because they can't be sold in the U.S.) and because it's a rotten habit.  However, the scent of a Clove cigarette is a delicious smell, reminds me of Thanksgiving hams shoved full of cloves, yum.  I have never been a huge fan of Patchouli, let's face it, that scent has been a huge cover up for most of the Dead Heads out there who probably could really use a large dose of some of the soaps I mentioned.  But I must confess, Jamie hit this scent out of the ballpark because I've been misting myself for two days straight.  Just shake and spray and tag, you are it.  Good mixture my dear, very clean, non offensive, non burning to the nose, very subtle and clean.  I love this product, can't believe I do, but I do and if I didn't love it, I wouldn't have wasted an entire paragraph on it.

I have not lit the Holiday Mulberry 100% organic soy botanical wax candle but it's 11 ounces of hand poured love.  This candle burns three times longer than paraffin wax candles.  It smells delicious and I think I am going to have to light it up tonight since I'm having guests over...don't worry Jamie, I'll buy it!

Oh, two more things, I am totally addicted to chap sticks, I try all of them and have my favorites but Lolablue's Pucker Up is awesome.  Chap stick, truly one of my first addictions (don't worry folks nothing has ever been to the point of where I'd end up in the Betty Ford clinic), but if I had to go live on an island and could only take a few things, the Pucker Up would be one of them.  Per Lolablue, her Pucker Up Natural Peppermint "is stimulating and cooling it improves concentration and mental sharpness, helps with nausea and motion sickness as well as headaches. Peppermint produces a cooling sensation and then a warming sensation, getting the blood flowing to the spot of application so LOOK OUT LIPS - PUCKER UP!"

Last but not least, her SKY CLAD Muscle Rescue 100% Natural Sugar Scrub.  Oh, praise Jamie, this stuff is delicious.  I am outside a lot.  I run a lot.  My skin needs constant moisturizing.  This muscle scrub left my skin feeling invigorated and soft and it was fun to use. 

All of her products are packaged nicely, ready for gifting for a special friend or for your special self.  I am always happy to have Lolablue be a part of Atomic!


Sweet Melissa said...

I love Lolablue products. Jamie does a great job making and marketing her homemade products, and she is an awesome person.

julie costello said...

The BEST soap for your body and Soul! Addictive, you'll fall in love and never leave. If you don't know Lolablue - you most definitely should. Buy the blue, Lolablue! and p.s. muscle rescue scrub is a MUST HAVE!