Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Altruistic and Benevolent Atomic Misfits!

Atomic is sort of like the movie Ground Hog's Day, I've been doing this annually for five years.  Atomic has become a tradition for me which is kind of cool since my family really wasn't into traditional celebrations for the most part.   Two years ago, I almost missed opening up the auditorium on time.  My alarm didn't go off, I thought I was going to have to take my boyfriend to the hospital the night before and it was a long, long night.  We slept in but thankfully my friend Da'reen was spending the night and he woke us up.  I made it to the auditorium in five minutes but I would have been in deep trouble if I hadn't of packed the car the night before. 

Today I want to introduce you to some of the Atomic Misfits who give a bit back of their proceeds to the community from the sales of the lovely items they create.  The reason I brought up Ground Hog's Day is because the first person I want to write about is Michelle Sampson of Gimme Shelter, a not for profit dog rescue and adoption shelter.  Ms. Sampson has been with Atomic from the very first year, she does the work I wish I could do but don't have the courage to do.   

Look for the Gimme Shelter booth at both Atomic day shows on Saturday, 12/11 and 12/12, she will have dogs on hand who are in deep need of a home for a life time.  We will also have a raffle for Gimme Shelter featuring some really fabulous donated items from local businesses and from the crafters and artists in Atomic as well.  The winner will be announced after the conclusion of Atomic on Monday 12/13.

Kerry Chen of Little Miss Crafty Chick will be working the Saturday 12/11 shows with 10% of her proceeds going to benefit local non-profit animal rescues such as the Humane Society of Pinellas, Suncoast Animal League and Internet Mini Pin Service.  Look for her booth because she is going to have an eclectic and colorful array of hand crafted items for sale.


Betsy Kennedy of be jewelry  has been a part of Atomic since 2006 (year 1), originally as the Most Valuable Volunteer
"MVV" ever but she now sells her handcrafted silver-smithed jewelry at Atomic.  Betsy creates personalized to order pendants for Manasota BUDS, the local Manasota Down Syndrome Awareness group.  These pendants will not be available at the show as they are personalized, however, you can visit her website and order this very special pendant HERE.

Rose Shariati of Rose's Whimsical Garden will be at the Sunday, 12/12 Atomic show and she donates a percentage of her proceeds to Somaly Mam Foundation which is an organization established to help rescue children/adults that are working in brothels.  Somaly Mam Foundation helps relocate people rescued to safe houses where they live and are treated if they have any medical issues, as well as educate them so that when they leave the shelter they have a skill that will help them get a job and make it hopefully, easier to rejoin society.

Zim Kids returns for a second year to the Saturday 12/11 Atomic show.  The ZIMKIDS ORPHAN TRUST provides food, medical care and training for the future to 160 of Zimbabwe's neediest orphans.  The orphans, who make dolls and wire toys for their own play, regularly create extra toys which are sold at events such as Atomic with 100 percent of the proceeds of those donations returned to the children in the form of food, school fees, clothing, medical supplies, or whatever else a given child needs.
Jennifer Bement of Redheaded Stepchild Designs is donating 10% of her sales to the Southeastern Guide Dogs.

Established in 1982, Southeastern Guide Dogs’ mission is to create and nurture a partnership between a visually impaired individual and a guide dog, facilitating life’s journey with mobility, independence and dignity. Through their programs Paws for Independence™, Paws for Patriots™, and Gifted Canines™ they have more than 600 active guide dog teams across the nation and continue to add more than 70 teams annually, all at no charge to the guide dog recipient, thanks to the generous support of donors and volunteers.

Last but not least, Jen Bartolone of My Pup Roxwho will be at the Sunday, 12/12, Atomic show, donates 10% of her proceeds to Canine Castaways, a local non-profit volunteer organization that rescues dogs in need.  They are a fantastic organization; Jen adopted her dog from Canine Castaways and that is why she began making her fabulous collars!  It's a total win-win having her at Atomic and I can't wait to see her colorful table of dog collars.

I'm sure there are more benevolent Atomic artists and crafters and customers who give back to the community or Mother Earth in their own special way.  Man, that just sounded like a cheesy Hallmark card and really I should be throttled for that sentence...whatever, it's good to be good and it's nice to be nice and it's wonderful to give the gift of giving.  Hallmark, hire me.  I'm a poet, didn't you know it?

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