Friday, October 22, 2010

Red Marionette

Originally uploaded by Atomic Holiday Bazaar

Kelli Williams of Red Marionette is another of one of my Atomic Misfits who has been in the show for a few years, or half a decade.  I really can't recall!  I will say her booth is usually the fruitiest, tootiest, cutiest (I know, I know, it's NOT A WORD) booth ever.  Her creations are as bright and cheerful as she is.  She has had some really exciting press recently which you can read all about here:

Here is a very cool video she made for You Tube showing her creative process from start to finish, click HERE.

Also, even cooler, and this is big time press folks, Kelli was featured in Christmas Ideas from Better Homes and Gardens with a pictorial of her Pocket Peeper Stockings.

She's hit the big leagues folks and I'm proud to have her back in Atomic.

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