Monday, October 18, 2010

The Crafty Hag

Originally uploaded by Atomic Holiday Bazaar

Coralette Damme of The Crafty Hag is pretty damn humble. I think she should change the name of her biz to "The Crafty Humble Hag" because she really downplays her numerous talents. She returns to Atomic, man, I am really going senile, I think this may be her 4th year? Anyway, the gal has some serious print making skills, an imagination that seems endless and her output of work is impressive. You try doing all this stuff at home, it's a lot of work. But hey, that's what turns us Atomic people on!  All I know is I love her creations. Here is a recent video interview from the New Roots News, St. Pete where I learned more about Coralette and her creation process.

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