Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Additional Atomic Show Added, Sunday, 12/12/10

Due to glorious saturation of Saturday applicants to the Atomic 12/11/10 day and evening show, an additional day of all things Atomic has been added for public consumption!

If you applied to the Saturday show, it is almost sold out and I am refraining from accepting any more vendors to the Saturday shows until September 15th.  I have numerous reasons for this but the number one reason is I am trying to drum up some more masculine crafters on this planet for the Saturday shows.  I encourage you to apply to the Sunday show:


  • If you have already applied and have been accepted and want to do the Sunday show, please fill out the Sunday application.
  •  If you have already applied but were notified that you weren't accepted, please feel free to apply again...unless I clearly stated that your product wasn't a fit for the show.
  • If you haven't applied to Atomic but want to do the show, remember, I am only interested in hand-made indie crafts, I am not interested in products such as Avon or vitamins, etc.  If you rep organic green products that are not necessarily hand made but are environmentally safe and sound, I will consider you and your products for Atomic.
Thank you and I appreciate your support of Sarasota's one and only Atomic Holiday Bazaar!

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