Monday, April 12, 2010

Letter to the Ringling College Board of Trustees

April 12, 2010

To: The Ringling College Board of Trustees Officers - Dr. Edward Jennings, Chair, Ms. Isabel Norton, Vice Chair, Ms. Lois Stulberg, Secretary, Mr. Steven B. Stein, Treasurer, Mr. Robert A. Kimbrough, Assistant Secretary, Mr. William T. Kirtley, Assistant Secretary

To: Members - Dr. Valliere Richard Auzenne, Mr. Robert O. Barkley, Jr., Ms. Pauline Becker, Ms. Dianne Belk, Mr. Louis Cabot, Ms. Carol Camiener, Mr. Kevin Daves, Ms. Linda Dickinson, Mr. Arthur Ferguson, Ms. Wendy Gingerich, Mr. Alfred Goldstein, Mr. Jack Harrison, Mr. William Isaac, Ms. Carolyn Johnson, Mr. Robert Johnson, Ms. Elaine Keating, Ms. Cheryl Loeffler, MajGen Lawrence Maciariello, Mr. Michael T. Martin, Mr. Richard Matson, Mr. Brandon Oldenburg, Ms. Susan Palmer, Ms. Diane Roskamp, Mr. Charles R. Smith, Mr. Robert Stuffings, Ms. Wendy G. Surkis, Mr. Peter Weill, Ms. Bonita A. Wright

To: Ex-Officio -Ms. Peggy Wilhelm, President, Ringling College Library Association

To: Honorary Life Trustees - Ms. Louise B. Appleton, Mr. Richard L. Joutras, Dr. Diana Lager, Ms. Elizabeth Lindsay, Mr. George Pierson, Mr. William H. Pritchard, Mr. Ernest F. Smith

Re: Dr. Thompson’s Sound Stage Proposal

Dear Ringling College Board of Trustees,

My name is Adrien Lucas, I live in Sarasota and have run, Atomic Holiday Bazaar, a well attended holiday indie craft show at the Municipal Auditorium for the past four years. This year will be Atomic's fifth year of running what has turned into a holiday tradition for the people of Sarasota and neighboring towns. Many of my vendors over the past four years are Ringling grads, current students and even a Ringling teacher and a wife of a teacher. Atomic Holiday Bazaar is not your typical craft show and has an intelligent and witty approach towards the handmade items offered at the show; Atomic simply put, is not your granny’s craft show.

I respectfully request your consideration in asking Dr. Larry Thompson to rescind his sound stage proposal to the City and People of Sarasota to turn our Municipal Auditorium, and yours, into a soundstage. I have also asked, to no avail, Commissioners’ Turner, Atwell and Clapp to please immediately halt further plans regarding closing the doors to the public and turning the municipal auditorium into a sound stage.

The beautiful structure of the Municipal Auditorium is a historical treasure and a heritage building that belongs to the people of Sarasota. This proposal from your employee, Dr. Thompson, has caused many citizens and constituents of the Commissioners to be appalled at what appears to be complete lack of touch with the people of Sarasota. We support the arts and we support Ringling creating a sound stage with funds from the college to build this or from private enterprise, however, we do not support the appropriation of such a historical gem such as this building.

You, as Dr. Thompson’s superiors, can help heal the divide that this proposal has caused with the citizens of Sarasota and the superior reputation that Ringling College held in this town prior to the introduction of what appears as a very greedy and inconsiderate proposal. Thank you for your consideration.


Adrien Lucas

cc: Dr. Larry R. Thompson, President, Sarasota City Commissioners


CONSTITUENTS of SRQ & SUPPORTERS to save our municipal auditorium, RESPECTFULLY REQUEST THE ringling College Board of Trustees AND City Commissioners Atwell, Turner and Mayor Clapp to PLEASE RESCIND the Sound Stage Appropriation of the Sarasota Municipal Auditorium. ELECTRONIC COMMENTS & SIGNATURES, ALONG WITH ADDITIONAL LETTERS ENCLOSED SHOWING SUPPORT OF SAVING OUR AUDITORIUM.
Below are signatures collected via Face Book, along with comments collected via Face Book.

Jenna Dickes-Deleo, Ringling Grad:
I'll send out my e-mail to the commissioners right away then =) I don't know how they can ignore all the people who use the auditorium yearly, especially since there really are no other community centers on its scale. Godspeed on Saturday, I can't wait to see how it goes. You rock and all of us crafty gypsies are behind you!

Mitzi Roca, Lori Tomlinson, Marian Maxson, Brian J. Boyd, Pamela Clair, Eric Ziarno, Jody Hoffman-Dazio, Nick Katranis, Deven Johnson, Cregg Johnson,

Martha Stinnett: Hell No!

Michelle Donner: Hi Adrien, I want to keep the municiple bldg public damn it.. add me to your list. Thanks!!!

Susan Wallach - Have lived in Sarasota for 45+ years and have some of my fondest memories attending all sorts of wonderful events and the Municipal Auditorium. I firmly believe that it would be a really bad idea to allow Ringling Art School to take full possession of this historic public building for its sole use, especially at the insultingly low lease rate of only one dollar per year. Furthermore, Ringling is a PRIVATE college that charges approx. $30,000 per year tuition per student. Therefore, they should have enough money in their coffers to be able to afford more suitable commercial/industrial space in another location to build their sound stage which won't deprive local citizens from the use of a great public landmark that was originally created for the enjoyment of the entire community. The mere fact that the City would even be considering publicly subsidizing a seemingly successful private entity makes absolutely no sense, especially in these challenging economic times.

Guy DiLullo - I am in favor of keeping the Sarasota Municipal Building, open for public use, and oppose the proposed takeover by Ringling for use as a sound stage. Please feel free to use my name for this purpose.

Sarah Felder - I support leaving the Auditorium alone. Let me know if you need further info.

Dorothy Torres, Ringling Grad - Hi there! this is Dottie Torres, I was a seller last year at the bazaar and hope to sell again this year. I am also a graduate of Ringling. I am only finding out about this now while looking for info on the 2010 Bazaar. I just wanted to say that I fully support your efforts to stop the Ringling takeover of the Municipal Auditorium. I am very proud to say that I'm a grad of Ringling and it's upsetting to know that the same school that told me "the best way to get your name known is to promote the hell out of yourself" could possibly be taking that opportunity away to favor a major whose grads should have no problems finding jobs with reputable companies out in CA. The rest of us who chose the 25 year plan majors have to try a little harder. Personal feelings aside, the idea of gutting a building that serves as a melting pot for all different types of shows, concerts (have played many concerts there when I was in FWCS), and functions to focus on a single interest that's not a very big issue here, is rediculous.
Anyway, that's my two cents. I will most likely be writing to one of the papers assuming it's not to late. Best of Luck!

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