Sunday, April 4, 2010

Atomic Vomits This - more of the Ringling Sound Stage Saga

Let me tell you how I spent yesterday, Saturday, April 3. I was invited to speak to the CCNA - The Coalition of City Neighborhood Associations for the City of Sarasota, as a panelist representing vendors who use the Sarasota Municipal Auditorium. There was a lady from the Sarasota Historical Society and a representative from Ringling. I am leaving their names off of this blog because I do not want my rants to appear as a personal attack towards the Ringling School representative, so this person will remain sexless and nameless. I don’t want to upset this human being or to create a new enemy (I have plenty of current ones that exhaust me), so sexless representative, I get it, I know you were merely the messenger.

I am an awful public speaker, my senior year I actually passed out on stage during speech class; now I’ll have to admit I was at a Hoodoo Guru’s concert in Cleveland the night before and had my first taste of that really gross sticky Yukon Jack which school girls should stay away from. Needless to say, I felt like I was going to pass out yesterday in front of the CCNA and but I got through it and here are my thoughts on yesterday.

I am addressing the rest of this blog to Mr. Thompson and Commissioners’ Turner, Atwell and Clapp:

Mr. Thompson, your representative who came to the CCNA meeting yesterday stated clearly that they did not have facts and were basing all answers upon your four page sound stage proposal to the city and to take back questions or suggestions to you. What was given as the main answer to members of the CCNA was that the MOST that Ringling had done was assess what would be the best existing building for Ringling to appropriate as their sound stage and it was the lucky historical Municipal Auditorium. But that was about the only answer your representative had for us which was then translated into “We (Ringling) are happy that this proposal is engaging the citizens of Sarasota so that we may all come to an agreement regarding a sound stage, blah, blah, blah.”

May I say to you, Mr. Thompson, I don’t like doing civic things too much on a Saturday and I feel kind of duped in that, if your proposal is merely smoke and mirrors, what you are really after is having the citizens of Sarasota foot the bill for your new sound stage. I’m sure you were hopeful that maybe, just maybe your original proposal may have slithered through without any mention from people who live here, but I don’t think this is what your proposal is really about.

So when your representative repeatedly suggested that your proposal is wonderful because look at all the dialogue this proposal has created, well quite simply it pissed me off. You want to know why? Well, I am naturally angry, but lets just say, I have better things to do on a Saturday, like work and play in my yard. I don’t need you in my life to create dialogue. YOU should be having a meeting with the Ringling Board members and Ringling donors on how YOUR institution should pay for a sound stage.

And to the Commissioners of Sarasota, this dialogue that Larry has created could have been immediately squelched by you, had you recognized the Municipal Building as being a historical treasure, a heritage building that belongs to the people of Sarasota and really you all should have shut the door when offered just a $1 for the lease for almost a century of use. Seriously, quit acting like the village idiots, wake up and recognize you owe this city your loyalty and protection and don’t hand over valuable city properties to entities flush with cash for free.

I can’t believe I even have to type this crap, which really leads me to believe that this is NOT what this proposal is about at all. Larry wants Sarasota to foot the bill, I wonder how the employees of the City of Sarasota are going to feel about this when their pensions and salaries are being tinkered with.

P.S., If I hear one more comment about how Booker is not a place for consideration because of the children and security issues my eyes are going to permanently cross. Um, there's this thing called SECURITY GUARDS, yes, crazy I know! But hey, you're bringing jobs so when you build that budget to show economic growth - add that in also. I have been to a lot of production companies in Los Angeles, and it's kind of funny but you hand them your ID, they take a picture of you, you get a badge and are escorted everywhere, kind of silly but it works. Why Ringling keeps saying, no, no, no, we can't blend Booker and the sound stage because of the children, well it's because you don't want to. Also, regarding the planes and being in the warehouse district, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Where in L.A. are you not in a flight pattern? Ringling is perfectly capable of putting the $$ into sound proofing a building. You people exhaust me.

If you are interested in becoming a fan of the Sarasota Muncipal Auditorium and to learn about the city meeting open for public comments, click H E R E.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my dear, you really don't have to get too excited over this. It's like I told you before, it'll never hapen!!!