Thursday, April 15, 2010


The Atomic Holiday Bazaar Application to apply for the Saturday December 11, 2010 show is Alive and Kicking.

You may apply at the link provided below:

Monday, April 12, 2010

Letter to the Ringling College Board of Trustees

April 12, 2010

To: The Ringling College Board of Trustees Officers - Dr. Edward Jennings, Chair, Ms. Isabel Norton, Vice Chair, Ms. Lois Stulberg, Secretary, Mr. Steven B. Stein, Treasurer, Mr. Robert A. Kimbrough, Assistant Secretary, Mr. William T. Kirtley, Assistant Secretary

To: Members - Dr. Valliere Richard Auzenne, Mr. Robert O. Barkley, Jr., Ms. Pauline Becker, Ms. Dianne Belk, Mr. Louis Cabot, Ms. Carol Camiener, Mr. Kevin Daves, Ms. Linda Dickinson, Mr. Arthur Ferguson, Ms. Wendy Gingerich, Mr. Alfred Goldstein, Mr. Jack Harrison, Mr. William Isaac, Ms. Carolyn Johnson, Mr. Robert Johnson, Ms. Elaine Keating, Ms. Cheryl Loeffler, MajGen Lawrence Maciariello, Mr. Michael T. Martin, Mr. Richard Matson, Mr. Brandon Oldenburg, Ms. Susan Palmer, Ms. Diane Roskamp, Mr. Charles R. Smith, Mr. Robert Stuffings, Ms. Wendy G. Surkis, Mr. Peter Weill, Ms. Bonita A. Wright

To: Ex-Officio -Ms. Peggy Wilhelm, President, Ringling College Library Association

To: Honorary Life Trustees - Ms. Louise B. Appleton, Mr. Richard L. Joutras, Dr. Diana Lager, Ms. Elizabeth Lindsay, Mr. George Pierson, Mr. William H. Pritchard, Mr. Ernest F. Smith

Re: Dr. Thompson’s Sound Stage Proposal

Dear Ringling College Board of Trustees,

My name is Adrien Lucas, I live in Sarasota and have run, Atomic Holiday Bazaar, a well attended holiday indie craft show at the Municipal Auditorium for the past four years. This year will be Atomic's fifth year of running what has turned into a holiday tradition for the people of Sarasota and neighboring towns. Many of my vendors over the past four years are Ringling grads, current students and even a Ringling teacher and a wife of a teacher. Atomic Holiday Bazaar is not your typical craft show and has an intelligent and witty approach towards the handmade items offered at the show; Atomic simply put, is not your granny’s craft show.

I respectfully request your consideration in asking Dr. Larry Thompson to rescind his sound stage proposal to the City and People of Sarasota to turn our Municipal Auditorium, and yours, into a soundstage. I have also asked, to no avail, Commissioners’ Turner, Atwell and Clapp to please immediately halt further plans regarding closing the doors to the public and turning the municipal auditorium into a sound stage.

The beautiful structure of the Municipal Auditorium is a historical treasure and a heritage building that belongs to the people of Sarasota. This proposal from your employee, Dr. Thompson, has caused many citizens and constituents of the Commissioners to be appalled at what appears to be complete lack of touch with the people of Sarasota. We support the arts and we support Ringling creating a sound stage with funds from the college to build this or from private enterprise, however, we do not support the appropriation of such a historical gem such as this building.

You, as Dr. Thompson’s superiors, can help heal the divide that this proposal has caused with the citizens of Sarasota and the superior reputation that Ringling College held in this town prior to the introduction of what appears as a very greedy and inconsiderate proposal. Thank you for your consideration.


Adrien Lucas

cc: Dr. Larry R. Thompson, President, Sarasota City Commissioners


CONSTITUENTS of SRQ & SUPPORTERS to save our municipal auditorium, RESPECTFULLY REQUEST THE ringling College Board of Trustees AND City Commissioners Atwell, Turner and Mayor Clapp to PLEASE RESCIND the Sound Stage Appropriation of the Sarasota Municipal Auditorium. ELECTRONIC COMMENTS & SIGNATURES, ALONG WITH ADDITIONAL LETTERS ENCLOSED SHOWING SUPPORT OF SAVING OUR AUDITORIUM.
Below are signatures collected via Face Book, along with comments collected via Face Book.

Jenna Dickes-Deleo, Ringling Grad:
I'll send out my e-mail to the commissioners right away then =) I don't know how they can ignore all the people who use the auditorium yearly, especially since there really are no other community centers on its scale. Godspeed on Saturday, I can't wait to see how it goes. You rock and all of us crafty gypsies are behind you!

Mitzi Roca, Lori Tomlinson, Marian Maxson, Brian J. Boyd, Pamela Clair, Eric Ziarno, Jody Hoffman-Dazio, Nick Katranis, Deven Johnson, Cregg Johnson,

Martha Stinnett: Hell No!

Michelle Donner: Hi Adrien, I want to keep the municiple bldg public damn it.. add me to your list. Thanks!!!

Susan Wallach - Have lived in Sarasota for 45+ years and have some of my fondest memories attending all sorts of wonderful events and the Municipal Auditorium. I firmly believe that it would be a really bad idea to allow Ringling Art School to take full possession of this historic public building for its sole use, especially at the insultingly low lease rate of only one dollar per year. Furthermore, Ringling is a PRIVATE college that charges approx. $30,000 per year tuition per student. Therefore, they should have enough money in their coffers to be able to afford more suitable commercial/industrial space in another location to build their sound stage which won't deprive local citizens from the use of a great public landmark that was originally created for the enjoyment of the entire community. The mere fact that the City would even be considering publicly subsidizing a seemingly successful private entity makes absolutely no sense, especially in these challenging economic times.

Guy DiLullo - I am in favor of keeping the Sarasota Municipal Building, open for public use, and oppose the proposed takeover by Ringling for use as a sound stage. Please feel free to use my name for this purpose.

Sarah Felder - I support leaving the Auditorium alone. Let me know if you need further info.

Dorothy Torres, Ringling Grad - Hi there! this is Dottie Torres, I was a seller last year at the bazaar and hope to sell again this year. I am also a graduate of Ringling. I am only finding out about this now while looking for info on the 2010 Bazaar. I just wanted to say that I fully support your efforts to stop the Ringling takeover of the Municipal Auditorium. I am very proud to say that I'm a grad of Ringling and it's upsetting to know that the same school that told me "the best way to get your name known is to promote the hell out of yourself" could possibly be taking that opportunity away to favor a major whose grads should have no problems finding jobs with reputable companies out in CA. The rest of us who chose the 25 year plan majors have to try a little harder. Personal feelings aside, the idea of gutting a building that serves as a melting pot for all different types of shows, concerts (have played many concerts there when I was in FWCS), and functions to focus on a single interest that's not a very big issue here, is rediculous.
Anyway, that's my two cents. I will most likely be writing to one of the papers assuming it's not to late. Best of Luck!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Atomic Writes to Congressman Vern Buchanan in support of Saving the Municipal Auditorium

Dear Congressman Buchanan,

I am writing you to respectfully request consideration of a meeting regarding the Sarasota Municipal Auditorium and Dr. Thompson's proposal of Ringling taking over the auditorium for a sound stage.

I run an annual holiday craft show called Atomic Holiday Bazaar which was created for a younger audience, however, that being said, it's been well received by the community and will be in its 5th year in December. Atomic exists because I saw a void for artsy crafty people who may be a little bit edgier and avant garde in comparison to regular craft shows. For me, Atomic, represents something that is open to all but speaks to the artsy person in town who may not have a lot of money to spend but can come to my show and afford buying something for the holidays that is hand made and unusual. This is a large chunk of my income and I have used the auditorium because it is an affordable and wonderful facility that suits the style of an Atomic show.

I spoke at the City Commissioners' last week during their weekly meeting asking them to please consider rescinding their vote in exploring destroying the guts and exterior of this historical building by handing it over to Ringling College. This building is an art deco gem, is alive and kicking and is a cultural treasure for Sarasota. If Ringling is given this building, the door of this building closes to the public for good. I saw you on the news yesterday giving a sound bite from the Film Festival where you stated something in that “our town, Sarasota, is unique in all the cultural offerings we have for its citizens.” That’s where people like me who run shows at the auditorium fit in. We are a huge part of the cultural fabric of Sarasota. If you want statistics regarding how this building is used, how it relates to local and tourism dollars, I am happy to provide them to you. We also provide affordable entertainment for the people of Sarasota, and if that’s not good culture, I don’t know what is.

The City Commissioners' take no heed to the advice and requests regarding shelving this proposal. There seems to be a lot of back pedaling regarding how Dr. Thompson and some of the Commissioners' even thought of this ridiculous idea of appropriating this beautiful building for Ringling. Sunshine Laws exist for a reason and I am contacting both City and County Commissioners along with the EDC to release anything related to soundstage discussions, although I suspect a lot of these conversations occurred in private and off line. If you have a room full of people against an idea with only one in favor (Dr. Thompson) and three commissioners’ who refuse to budge or respect their constituents valuable comments which were not purely emotionally based, but given with thought, realistic facts, etc., and a timeline that doesn’t quite add up to how the proposal landed or was presented to the citizens of Sarasota or the fact that Dr. Thompson is on TV acting as if this idea just “popped” into his head, well it’s smelly.

Will you please meet with me and a few others to discuss the importance of this building relating to not only the economy but how the Sarasota Municipal Auditorium has an amazing historical pedigree and cultural significance and needs to remain with the people and not be turned over to a private entity. We really need your support. Please, you have an entire town who is heartsick over this.


Adrien Lucas

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Atomic begs you to GET CIVIC - Email Campaign in support of keeping the SRQ Municipal Auditorium YOURS & MINE & do NOT Hand it over to Ringling.

Hey, hey you lovely "Fans of Sarasota" I am begging, asking you do to a bit more. If you think you can't make a difference, let's use Gaylord Nelson (yes someone really is named that...) as an example. This is the dude who 40 years ago founded Earth Day and catapulted the environment onto the world stage and public consciousness.

And that's what we need to do, is GO PUBLIC by writing just a brief bit about why you find the Ringling Sound Stage proposal so acidic. I'm just trying to jazz you muther's up because we need people to write local newspapers explaining your outrage with how out of touch with the community Commissioners' Turner, Atwell and Mayor Clapp along with Ringling employee, Larry Thompson are with the Sarasota public, that's you my pretties! And while, I'm sure they are lovely people, their lack of listening to their constituents is unacceptable.

Here is a list of local SRQ newspapers who I'm sure will love an earful:

Sarasota Herald Tribune
put "letter" in the subject line
Snail Mail:
Letters to the Editor
Sarasota Herald Tribune
P.O. Box 1719
Sarasota, FL 34230

Pelican Press
Snail Mail:
Letters to the Editor
Pelican Press
501 Ocean Blvd., Suite 206
Sarasota, FL 34242
Editor: Rachel Hackney Brown

Sarasota Observer
Snail Mail:
Letters to the Editor
The Observer Group
1517 state Street
Sarasota, FL 34236
editor: Matt Walsh

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Atomic Vomits Even More re: the SRQ Municipal Auditorium & our Lame Ass elected officials.

After the Monday City Commissioners’ meeting, it took a while for me to distill my anger into something that may be readable. Here are a few of my thoughts directed to Commissioners’ Turner & Atwell, Mayor Dick Clapp and Dr. Larry Thompson.

Gentlemen & Gentle-lady,

Mr. Turner, at the end of the commissioners’ meeting, this past Monday, Mayor Clapp said you had brought up the sound stage idea in January, then SRQ’s Page 1, 4/7 edition, reiterated how you had come up with the idea. I then thought of Channel 6 and Larry Thompson being quoted on video as saying “Basically, one day while driving down the Trail, I saw this building (the SRQ Municipal Auditorium), and I was like, Wow, that is like a sound stage! I mean, it looks like one!”

Clip to view Dr. Thompsons' cloying bad acting, click HERE.

Seriously gentlemen, if you want to get into the film business, could you at least hire real actors to play yourselves? And perhaps you could train your stand-ins to stick with the script.

Per an email from Dick Clapp sent to a friend of mine yesterday he states “On January 26, the commission met in a workshop to discuss priorities and objectives for the next two years. One of the items was to focus on Economic Development and Recovery. A specific item approved by all the commissioners was “Pursue Soundstage: Explore opportunities with Ringling School of Art and Design within the City, with emphasis along the North Tamiami Trail corridor and in N. Sarasota. A month or so after this we received a proposal from RCAD asking us to evaluate use of the Municipal Auditorium.”

And here is where Dick Clapp kind of rearranges city history, he continues on in his email to my friend with “The city commission then voted 3-2 to discuss this proposal with Larry Thompson to understand what he really was looking for, begin a conversation about how a sound stage might help with employment and economic diversification and whether the Auditorium would be suitable.”

Now all of this may seem a bit confusing to you (if anyone out there is reading or even gives a damn) but to me, this is what pisses me off…

Mr. Turner, Mr. Clapp and Mr. Thompson, obviously you have all been in cahoots (since last year) about this auditorium takeover for a while. What is SO annoying is the cloying way you had Dr. Thompson hold a press conference, on film, badly acting as if he were just driving down Tamiami and thought “Eureka! That Municipal Auditorium building will make a great sound stage!” “What a crazy idea of mine!” “I’m going to send a proposal to the city!” “Woo wee, I’ll call Channel 6 and give them my proclamation!”

This occurred prior to the 3-2 City Commissioners vote. Maybe I’m just being a stickler for “real dates/times” but I think it’s a bit shady in that Mr. Clapp neglected to add into his email that he and Mr. Turner encouraged Dr. Thompson to write a really shoddy proposal so that they could vote on it.

I know, I know, it’s a timeline semantic, however, your constituents were not given full disclosure regarding how you were and are as much of the Ringling proposal as Dr. Thompson is. Bottom line is I don’t give a shit anymore about the timeline but you three really didn’t fully disclose that you were all in this plan together.

I will continue to pound home the fact that the Municipal Building is a historical Sarasota treasure and as our elected officials it is YOUR responsibility to recognize that you had 32 people or so at the Monday meeting in opposition of your greedy and irresponsible proposal. Also, I suspect that by allowing people like me to reserve space at the auditorium until June 2011, you are just buying time, hoping people will simmer down and then begin hacking away at the Municipal Building again.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Atomic Vomits This - more of the Ringling Sound Stage Saga

Let me tell you how I spent yesterday, Saturday, April 3. I was invited to speak to the CCNA - The Coalition of City Neighborhood Associations for the City of Sarasota, as a panelist representing vendors who use the Sarasota Municipal Auditorium. There was a lady from the Sarasota Historical Society and a representative from Ringling. I am leaving their names off of this blog because I do not want my rants to appear as a personal attack towards the Ringling School representative, so this person will remain sexless and nameless. I don’t want to upset this human being or to create a new enemy (I have plenty of current ones that exhaust me), so sexless representative, I get it, I know you were merely the messenger.

I am an awful public speaker, my senior year I actually passed out on stage during speech class; now I’ll have to admit I was at a Hoodoo Guru’s concert in Cleveland the night before and had my first taste of that really gross sticky Yukon Jack which school girls should stay away from. Needless to say, I felt like I was going to pass out yesterday in front of the CCNA and but I got through it and here are my thoughts on yesterday.

I am addressing the rest of this blog to Mr. Thompson and Commissioners’ Turner, Atwell and Clapp:

Mr. Thompson, your representative who came to the CCNA meeting yesterday stated clearly that they did not have facts and were basing all answers upon your four page sound stage proposal to the city and to take back questions or suggestions to you. What was given as the main answer to members of the CCNA was that the MOST that Ringling had done was assess what would be the best existing building for Ringling to appropriate as their sound stage and it was the lucky historical Municipal Auditorium. But that was about the only answer your representative had for us which was then translated into “We (Ringling) are happy that this proposal is engaging the citizens of Sarasota so that we may all come to an agreement regarding a sound stage, blah, blah, blah.”

May I say to you, Mr. Thompson, I don’t like doing civic things too much on a Saturday and I feel kind of duped in that, if your proposal is merely smoke and mirrors, what you are really after is having the citizens of Sarasota foot the bill for your new sound stage. I’m sure you were hopeful that maybe, just maybe your original proposal may have slithered through without any mention from people who live here, but I don’t think this is what your proposal is really about.

So when your representative repeatedly suggested that your proposal is wonderful because look at all the dialogue this proposal has created, well quite simply it pissed me off. You want to know why? Well, I am naturally angry, but lets just say, I have better things to do on a Saturday, like work and play in my yard. I don’t need you in my life to create dialogue. YOU should be having a meeting with the Ringling Board members and Ringling donors on how YOUR institution should pay for a sound stage.

And to the Commissioners of Sarasota, this dialogue that Larry has created could have been immediately squelched by you, had you recognized the Municipal Building as being a historical treasure, a heritage building that belongs to the people of Sarasota and really you all should have shut the door when offered just a $1 for the lease for almost a century of use. Seriously, quit acting like the village idiots, wake up and recognize you owe this city your loyalty and protection and don’t hand over valuable city properties to entities flush with cash for free.

I can’t believe I even have to type this crap, which really leads me to believe that this is NOT what this proposal is about at all. Larry wants Sarasota to foot the bill, I wonder how the employees of the City of Sarasota are going to feel about this when their pensions and salaries are being tinkered with.

P.S., If I hear one more comment about how Booker is not a place for consideration because of the children and security issues my eyes are going to permanently cross. Um, there's this thing called SECURITY GUARDS, yes, crazy I know! But hey, you're bringing jobs so when you build that budget to show economic growth - add that in also. I have been to a lot of production companies in Los Angeles, and it's kind of funny but you hand them your ID, they take a picture of you, you get a badge and are escorted everywhere, kind of silly but it works. Why Ringling keeps saying, no, no, no, we can't blend Booker and the sound stage because of the children, well it's because you don't want to. Also, regarding the planes and being in the warehouse district, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Where in L.A. are you not in a flight pattern? Ringling is perfectly capable of putting the $$ into sound proofing a building. You people exhaust me.

If you are interested in becoming a fan of the Sarasota Muncipal Auditorium and to learn about the city meeting open for public comments, click H E R E.