Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Atomic Digs This - Lolablue is available now at Pure, Sarasota, FL

Jamie Lovern is Atomic alumni and if you live in the Sarasota area, you now have the option to pick of some of Jamie's Lolablue all natural body products or organic soy wax candles.

If you were one of the lucky first 100 to get an Atomic tote bag the past few years (Jamie has generously donated samples for the bags) then you know how yummy her products are. Or if you bought any of her concoctions at Atomic or online at Lolablue, well again, you know her stuff is the bomb. When I'm beginning to pack the Atomic tote bags my entire house smells like a Lolablue warehouse, and it's good, good, good!

You now have the opportunity to pick up Lolablue products at Pure, a Salon & Boutique on 8784 Tamiami Trail, here in Sarasota, FL. Jamie makes her soaps and candles all by hand and she is talented at what she does. Her line is amusingly named and delightfully packaged.

If you can't make it to Pure, you can always visit her website or check out where Lolablue products are sold and go smell them for yourself!

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