Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Atomic Digs This - Lolablue is available now at Pure, Sarasota, FL

Jamie Lovern is Atomic alumni and if you live in the Sarasota area, you now have the option to pick of some of Jamie's Lolablue all natural body products or organic soy wax candles.

If you were one of the lucky first 100 to get an Atomic tote bag the past few years (Jamie has generously donated samples for the bags) then you know how yummy her products are. Or if you bought any of her concoctions at Atomic or online at Lolablue, well again, you know her stuff is the bomb. When I'm beginning to pack the Atomic tote bags my entire house smells like a Lolablue warehouse, and it's good, good, good!

You now have the opportunity to pick up Lolablue products at Pure, a Salon & Boutique on 8784 Tamiami Trail, here in Sarasota, FL. Jamie makes her soaps and candles all by hand and she is talented at what she does. Her line is amusingly named and delightfully packaged.

If you can't make it to Pure, you can always visit her website or check out where Lolablue products are sold and go smell them for yourself!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Atomic does NOT dig this...

1st, I encourage you to watch this SNN News Report: Ringling Sound Stage to catch up with

2nd, my email to the Sarasota City Commissioners:


Dear City Commissioners,

Hello, my name is Adrien Lucas and I have held an annual indie craft show called Atomic Holiday Bazaar for the past four years at the Municipal Auditorium. I am asking you to please consider withholding your support regarding changing the auditorium into a sound stage for the Ringling College of Art and Design.

I am appalled that Ringling's President, Larry Thompson, has the gall to offer the city $1.00 to lease the building for 99 years. The auditorium was not in the red in 2009 and was fully booked by people like me who actually do feel privileged to run their shows at this historical facility.

Mr. Thompson suggests that by changing this facility into a sound stage that jobs will be created for our community, perhaps. However, his presentation to the city appears to be rooted in "fear based" rhetoric, and his proposal feels more like carpet bagging. How many people do you know in Sarasota who work in the film industry, who are out of work and have been pining away for a sound stage to come in and save the day? He already has obtained the old high school, a huge facility with a gymnasium that could be built into a sound stage as easily as the auditorium.

The auditorium is one of Sarasota's rare architectural gems that has not been torn down, is easily accessible to the public and of historical significance to the city. That door shuts for the public once it is turned over to Ringling.

Many of my vendors for the show are Ringling grads, students, I even have an art instructor vend with me. My event creates tourism revenue, I have vendors who travel near and far to participate in Atomic Holiday Bazaar and I have to turn vendors away, the show has grown that large. I continue to hold my event at the auditorium because I love the building, management and staff who care for the building are wonderful to work with and the people who come to Atomic Holiday Bazaar love the atmosphere of the building also.

Please do not privatize this facility and if you must, since the city keeps reporting how much they have to cut back because times are tough, shame on you if you choose to accept just a dollar bill from a university that has a huge endowment, expensive tuitions and claims a not-for-profit status. I am always for supporting the arts but I think this proposal is interestingly audacious and insulting to be presented under the guise of "jobs for Sarasota." Let's live in reality and support the auditorium -- as it stands without having its beautiful guts and bones adjusted to support a sound stage that could be put up in the high school.


Adrien Lucas

cc: Creative Loafing - Atomic Holiday Blog
bcc: Friends of Atomic Holiday Bazaar & Save Our SRQ Municipal Auditorium

and 3rd, if you're still with me: An Invitation to City Commissioner's meeting to review Ringling proposal: Monday, March 15 at 6 PM at City Hall, located at 1565 1st Street, Room 101 - Sarasota, FL 34236. I plan on attending and am hopeful that some of the people I bcc'd will attend. I understand this meeting is not open to public comment.


Email below sent by:
Coralette Damme - aka The Crafty Hag

Dear Sarasota City Commissioners
I am writing to express my strong concern about a proposal to "Lease" the Municipal Auditorium to Ringling College of Art and Design for $1 for 99 years. Preposterous! This fabulous historic building needs to be kept public where every day people can access it and enjoy it. Events like the Atomic Holiday Bazaar that bring people like myself from across the Skyway are what need to be in that venue generating revenues not sequestering a fine functional space for the use of a privileged few.
No I am not a Sarasota voter or your typical constituent. All the more reason you should listen when someone from 50 miles away says they come to your town specifically to visit the auditorium as it stands now. In my 9 years as a Pinellas county resident I have been to Ringling one time for an afternoon visiting an art gallery and circus museum. As an artist I have participated in the Atomic Holiday Bazaar for the past three years, spending money on hotels and food and supporting the local Sarasota economy far more than would be the case if the auditorium were a privately held entity. And I am but 1 person. There are literally hundreds of others like me both artist/vendors and general public/shoppers alike who value the Municipal Auditorium and its authenticity as it is. Please don't squander another quaint piece of Florida history when it is a legitimate income generator.
Thank you for your time.

Coralette Damme - aka The Crafty Hag

And another wonderful email in support of the auditorium standing as is written by another Atomic alumni crafter:

Natty Moss Bond

Dear Sarasota City Commisioners:
I have just received information from Adrian Lucas, the organizer of the Atomic Holiday Bazaar, that you are considering leasing out the Municipal Auditorium to the Ringling School of Art for a soundstage for a tiny amount of money for a long period of years.
I really hope you don't do this. I actually beg you not to do this, and for many reasons, the least of which is that this lovely historical building should be available to the public for use. It would be a crying shame to take this beautiful example of WWII architecture away from public use.
This is one of the oldest most interesting structures in the area and it should be available for us to use for various reasons.
On a more selfish note, I am able in one day at the Atomic Holiday Bazaar to make my mortgage payment and then some! To me, that is astounding! I also SPEND money at the Bazaar, which in turn, helps the Sarasota economy. Perhaps if you considered doing a few more events like this very successful one every year, the income might help you to reconsider selling off this marvelous facility to a private organization for pennies.
I looked at the calendar of events that you have posted for this facility and it doesn't look as if you are having any trouble filling the dates. There are dance classes, art shows, antique fairs, gem fairs, and public meetings. Why would you take all this away from the public?
I really hope it doesn't happen.
Sincerely, Natty Moss Bond