Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Atomic Digs This! Valentine's Day...May as Well Make it Amusing.

Valentine's Day has usually been strange for me. My birthday falls four days after VD Day and for me oddly, it also feels like Ground Hog Day (also in February). I have broken up or been dumped between February 14th through the 18th numerous times. However, those days are over baby. Let’s get on to the liquid red, volcano lava Valentine’s erotic lovin’!! If you’re shopping for someone who doesn’t want the usual Spencer Gifts chatchke, then head over to these places but buy now because you’ll have to shop online at Etsy to purchase these lovelies:

The Crafty Hag has been to Atomic quite a bit. Coralette Damme works hard to bring us tasty and unique pieces. Now you can get something for your Valentine honey and something for yourself and The Crafty Hag will show her appreciation by taking half off the price of one of your selections! BOGO SALE!! BUY ONE GET ONE 1/2 PRICE JAN. 25-30, 2010.

Ghoul Valentine original ink wash illustration by The Crafty Hag - $17.00 or BOGO!

Blinklink’s shop, another Atomic glass artist, Andrea Cammarata who is a delicious glass artist, has these delicious chains with little hearts on it. If you think you can whip something up D-I-Y style and want to make something for your sweetheart, this fabulous chain is sold by the foot. The chain is rhodium plated and is guaranteed to not tarnish. You can add other charms or trinkets from your lovers broken jewelry and create something unique.

Silver Heart charm chain $12 per foot.

Dr. Awkward’s card set “You Know You Love My Uni-Brow” cracks my nut (if I had ‘em) any day. What a loving Valentine’s Day card. Say it with brains and humor, way fuckin’ better than a Hallmarky piece of schlock any day!

Dr. Awkard's Uni-brow Set of 3 (Mustard) - $7.00 on Etsy.

The peeps mentioned here are all Florida crafters/artists and all offer affordable and witty homespun gifties. I hope all of you who have favorite significant others get to make out like a mo-fo! And for all you single people out there, buy yourself a giftie, the hell with Valentine's Day, it is highly overrated. But let's all try and "Get in Onnnnnn" like Marvin Gaye style because baby, that's what Valentine's Day really is allllll about!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Atomic Digs Luxford St.

I couldn't help but laugh over this re-purposed DIY "Hooktastic Rack" by Luxford St. - Fabulous frippery fashioned by Karen Booker. She's based out of Auckland, NZ, all the more reason for me to go.

I see that DIY loopiness is pervasive planet wide and plan on tooling around more to blog about our world wide brothers and sisters who re-purpose this year. Maybe I can persuade some of these makers to vacation/work in Sarasota for Atomic.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Atomic Digs This! Rumor Has it Fashion House & Gallery Grand Opening

Nicole Mabalot of Punk Rock Betty fame has landed in Sarasota with a big sexy thud of studs, appliques, strapless retro-fied P.R. Betty style, whoo hooo, shout and holler because this fabulous chica is having her grand opening on Friday, January 15th! Details can be found on the poster posted in this blog...I know where I'll be so if you are free, head over to Pastimes Pub in Gulfgate in Sorryscrotum (Sarasota).

Punk Rock Betty was at the '09 Atomic, her designs were the perfect compliment to the show and I hope she comes back for more Atomic torture this year. I visited her new fashion house after the holi-daze and was really impressed with the space. Although her inventory was just a tiny bit low (due to her sales at Atomic!! sorry had to toot that horn) she had plenty of inventory to keep shoppers happy. What was cool about the place was not only were there lots of PRB sexy dresses on hand with her amusing appliques of hearts and parts but there was shit for men to buy also. Carey Borden's line C.A.B. Fayre with her darling outfits and jewelry are also represented here.

Who is Punk Rock Betty?

Punk Rock Betty, shortened from Punk Rock Betty Crocker, was the name given to Nicole “Nikki” Mabalot by friends and family due to her punk-rock appearance and her extraordinary baking skills in the kitchen.

Nikki was born in California but moved with her family to Virginia at a very young age. An interest in fashion came when she was about 12 years old, and she has been sewing on-and-off since then. In high school Nikki shadowed a sewing and design class and at just 15 years old she created her first wearable gown.

In 2007 Punk Rock Betty-designed tote bags and purses made their way to specialty boutiques and tattoo shops up and down the east coast. Nikki used her role as a vendor at tattoo conventions to market Punk Rock Betty fashion.
After moving to Sarasota in December of 2008, Nikki enlisted her best-friend of over 20 years Amber “Ber” Brown to take Punk Rock Betty designs to a new level. With Amber’s help in making handbags and jewelry, Nikki is able to focus on her passion of creating the designs that inspired the Punk Rock Betty line.

In December 2009 with the help of her supportive family Nikki opened up Rumor Has It Fashion House and Gallery in Sarasota. The store features work by Punk Rock Betty, C.A.B Fayre, Screen Killers and other local crafters and artists.
Support local artists and visit Rumor Has it Fashion House and swing out for her grand opening on January 16th, next Friday at Pastimes Pub in Gulfgate!