Monday, December 21, 2009

Atomic Holiday Bazaar - Postpartum Thank Yous

I know, I know, I’m a bit tardy thanking everyone involved with Atomic, however, here I am and here is my big, giant Thank You. If I forget ANYONE, please, email me and I will make time to give you your props and amend my senility…and I am serious about omissions, if you need a thank you, let me know!

First before I kill you with a major "thank you session" I want to let you know that chances are if you were at Atomic, whether as a vendor, shopper, or helped me run the show...the odds are, there is probably a picture or two of your self which can be viewed at the Atomic Holiday Bazaar Flickr Showcase. Pics can be viewed by:

I hope everyone had a great holiday and all that December good tidings bits and pieces we’re supposed to say to each other this time of year. Now on to the important part…first, I’d like to thank the Academy. No! Seriously. I really want to thank everyone in the world for listening to me ramble on about Atomic the past four years.

In no particular order, thank you to:

Atomic Crafters: Man, you all worked your butts off. Your handmade wares were beautiful, zanily unique, and make me happy (along with a lot of other people). Your displays were amazing, your patience with me was huge and I am grateful for the way you just rolled with it. On Sunday I didn’t feel remotely human after working and having fun at the Saturday show. I am sorry I didn’t get to meet all of you individually and I thank you again for creating what you do and being a part of Atomic. To the crafters who sent swag for the totes, your stuff was amazing and incredibly generous, thank you for helping make Atomic so special for the audience. I also want to thank everyone who dropped stuff off to my house for press ops, etc., it meant a lot to me when you showed up and saved me a trip.

Joanna Coblentz of Dollface, Inc.: Atomic’s fashion show producer, thank you! I could not have pulled Saturday night off without you. I hired you for a reason and you took my requests, ran with it and brought it to life. You not only rose to the challenge to create your version of sexy, fun and unique steampunk fashions but managed both fashion shows with ease. This is no easy feat when there is a full keg of beer backstage and it was up to you to pull together an amazing group of models, hair stylists, photographers and makeup artists. Joanna you are the bomb!

Atomic Super Models: The Saturday night show had added visual flavor thanks to these wonderful human beings who traveled near and far to be a part of the vintage and steampunk fashion show. They were also all a pleasure to hang out with. I appreciate them providing the eye candy and wearing the clothing with total Atomic attitude! Thank you showboatin’ models: Anthony Puccio, Thuy Nguyen, Jen O’Connor (and Jen O thank you for the feather hair accessories for the show!), Billy Brake, Malissa Marden, Michelle Wynne, Lauren Mitchell, Richeal Woods, Beth Joy Hoblit, Alaska DiLullo and Zoe Pollux. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you, it was a long day and you all were so kind to me about forgetting to buy water…duhhhhh.

Hair Stylists: The hair this year was sexy, sexy bad ass mostly up-do hairstyles for the Saturday night show. Thank you to the following ladies: Mistress St. John, you are the best and so much fun to hang out with and I love your bad ass humor! Cece Wiese, you are a total sweetie and worked magic on the hair…and of course, Kristie, “yes, just Kristie” thank you for being back there pulling it all together, your past experience came in very handy! All three of you gals made the girls look A M A Z I N G and we could not have done it without your expertise.

Makeup Artists: Let’s all kiss and make up! If I could have my makeup put on every day, it would be by these ladies who did a bangin’ good job with the Saturday night models. Lauren Mitchell, I love you for taking the day off and being there (and on Sunday), so thank you, thank you, thank you, visit “Mod by Lauren” and yes, she makes house calls. Weddings, portraits, special occasions, Lauren is a total pro. Beth Joy Hoblit, not only did you rock it with the makeup but you were adorable on the stage (and backstage too!) I loved watching you up there! And again, Kristie “yes, just Kristie” girl, you had your hands in everything back there, thank you!! Seriously ladies, the models looked beautiful and I really am grateful for your time and talent.

Mimi Fleck: Thank you to Meandering Mimi Creations, who provided fabulous mini top hats which we pulled last minute at the Saturday night show. Your hats were the perfect addition to the Steampunk fashion show.

Backstage Assistants: Willa Whalen kept Joanna in line and is not only easy on the eyes but a complete sweetheart to hang out with. Willa, thank you darlin! Alaska DiLullo, your incarceration in an all girl’s prep school and experience in producing plays was pay dirt for me because you came in very, very handy! You kept my ass in line with time, relaying messages, and so much more. Thank you Willa and Alaska and you were also both a blast to watch dancing on stage with Viva Le Vox too!

Atomic Bands: Redliners, The Dead Popes and Viva Le Vox, all of you boys in the bands, the kind you won’t take home to motherrrrr, I’ll say that you are all my all-time favorite and I appreciate you all coming together for the first Saturday night Atomic craft / rock show. I can’t wait to hear you all play in 2010. I appreciate all of you playing your asses off for the show and helping me achieve my dream of what has taken me four years to pull off for Atomic.

Photographers: Documentation of the Saturday night show was captured and preserved by these Amazing and Talented local Sarasota Photographers: Brian Blur, Tara Tomlinson of Aperture Photography Sarasota and Sid Graves of Cemetery Prints. The images shot by Brian, Tara and Sid really show the energy and fun we had backstage producing the Saturday night show and I appreciate their efforts and the way they all seamlessly just fit and rolled with it whether back stage or front stage. Thanks to all three of you, the images you captured of the Saturday night show fill my Atomic heart with, and the Sunday pics are terrific also, so thank you all SO much for the documentation!

Atomic’s Sunday Photographer: Daniel Perales returned for the 4th Atomic Sunday show and engaged the public and crafters to interact as only Daniel can get us humans to do! If anyone can coax someone into being photographed, especially when they are tired and worn out (me on Sunday), it is Daniel. Daniel thank you for returning to Atomic for a second round and working your butt off, because I see from the pics that you were all over the auditorium again…which makes me think maybe there are two of you? Daniel, your pics of the Sunday show are so appreciated because the day was all such a blur (as it always is) and being able to see the crafters and crowd through your pictures is wonderful.

Billy Elkins: Thank you Billy Elkins of who shot me as the 50 Foot Woman and then did the amazing graphics of me standing tall over the Sarasota Municipal Auditorium holding the “Unconditional Suck-turd” ripped in half. Billy you are an amazing photographer and graphic design artist and you will always amaze me with how well you translate my ideas into marketing pieces; I could not imagine doing an Atomic poster without you Billy!
Colin Panetta: Sarasota is going to be an empty place when you move. Your creation of the fabulous Atomic Holiday Bazaar IV comic poster was a dream fulfilled for me. I must say, it is a really cool feeling to see ones self in a cartoon version and Colin, you totally knocked it out of the stratosphere! I was thrilled to have Colin’s Atomic poster as this year’s handout to the public…thank you again my dear, you made Atomic extra special!

Which leads me to MinuteMan Press on Lime Avenue in Sarasota, who once again, printed Atomic’s handout in full color for the masses. Teresa and Bob Stone, you rock the printing presses and I love that when I walk into your place that it almost feels like hanging out in someone’s kitchen, just a funky place to congregate, pet the office dog and get your printing done!

Sarasota’s Creative Loafing: Thank you for year four of such wonderful support. You’ve been with Atomic since the beginning and your support of the show is huge to me. I love CL and appreciate your support of local business and indie shows such as mine.

Anything Arts: Rick Hughes and Christine Alexander, thank you for four years of supporting Atomic, it’s a wonderful endorsement and I appreciate it. I look forward to your e-newsletter every two weeks and encourage everyone to make use of this fabulous publication which supports local arts.

Sarasota's Whole Foods: Thank you for four years of providing nutritious and yummy breakfast to the Atomic Crafters! We all thank Sarasota’s Whole Foods in providing a wonderful spread, it does not go unnoticed and believe me, we wolfed! Crafter’s are hungry folk…

Atomic Ranch Magazine: Your magazine featuring mid-century marvels was the perfect complimentary gift in the Atomic tote bags. Thank you for your generosity and indie-spirit style magazine. You have fabulous taste, hardee har har!! And may I suggest to anyone who has made it this far into this thank you letter, to consider giving a gift subscription to Atomic Ranch magazine, it is superb magazine.

Moxie Le Femme: Thank you girls, girls, girls! You were an amazing treat for the Saturday night show. Your energy was infectious and your sexy 21st century take on burlesque was exactly what I wanted for Atomic. Thanks for traveling so far to be a part of the show, I wish I could dance just a smidge of the way you all do!

SRQ Magazine, Page 1: I must give a shout out to SRQ Magazine for being such a wonderful supporter of Atomic. Believe me, I noticed and was immensely grateful for the Page 1 blurbs I kept seeing leading up to the show. Thank you for supporting local arts and business, I appreciate your support!

Bradentucky Bombers: Thank you ladies! Year Four, wow, it’s like we have been going steady! The Bombers started out as Atomic’s super models the first year and have been Atomic’s welcome wagon for four years! Thank you for volunteering and being a part of the show, I appreciate you sassy lovely ladies being a part of Atomic! People always ask me, “Are the Bradentucky Bombers going to be at Atomic?” and it’s nice to say, “Hell yes!” so thank you roller derby girls!

Clothesline: Thank you for the totes, they were a huge success and I am still getting emails and calls on whether there are any t-shirts out there…Thank You for making the totes so special! I love your store and I adore what you crazy kids are up to!!

Cosimo’s Brick Oven: Thank you for pitch hitting at the last minute and stepping in to take over the Saturday night festivities providing your yummy pizza and of course, the BEER!!! Cosimo’s staff rocked and the extra bar by the stage was perfect, so thank you to the pizza kitchen and back for helping me out on such late notice, if you’re in for next year, I want ya back!!

SRQ Municipal Auditorium Staff: Seriously, this is to me one of our cities gems. I can’t believe that this fabulous building was actually covered in aluminum and I can’t believe that when I talk about how lovely this building is that some people in town look at me like I am crazy. However, if you are considering throwing an event, getting married, a fund raiser, etc., this is a facility you should consider! The city should be proud of the crew who care for this historical building and manage the facility, Debbie, Tom and Bob are top notch! Thank you all for allowing the craziness of Atomic enter the building once a year and being such a pleasure to work with.

A big scoop of Thank You to my friends who traveled to the show! Some of you drove quite a ways and some of you flew in and that meant the world to me to have your support and help the days of the show. The gals who helped me Sunday at my booth, Yen Reed, Katie McCue, Lauren Mitchell, Helena Furberg-Barnes and Michelle Wynne, you are all the best and I thank you for helping me on Sunday when I was pretty much in a coma from the night before, YOU GIRL’S ROCK!

Door Duty: Without you, I am nothing. It would be a surge of people like an Atomic tsunami and that could be very bad, very, very bad. So THANK YOU for working the door because it is difficult getting those slots filled and I appreciate all of you for taking the time out of your schedules to help me. Without further adieu, thank you to: Michelle Sampson, Derek Smith, Sabrina Harris, Mindy Whitehead, Beth Shirilla, Amanda Crain, Eddie Midler, Betsy Kennedy, Mitzi Roca, Nano Rush, Eric Ziarno, Alaska DiLullo, Cat Horton-Pennenga, Liz Noonan, Judy Cooley, Julee Breehne (and thank you Julee for four years of picking up breakfast for everyone on Sunday morning!)…

AND to my boys, the Atomic Muscle on Sunday, Guy DiLullo, Christopher McLeod and Russell Sherman, thank you a million times to the moon for working the door all day Sunday and manning the fort. I never had to worry about anything with you three around! Thank you babies!

Mommy Magazine: Every year you support Atomic and I appreciate you child rearing producers of a great rag who all write very amusing articles. Thank you!

Christine Alexander and Justin Irwin: Thank you for your humorous stage antics at the Saturday night show. It meant a lot to me to have your support and to have you two just roll with what I mumbled about “just do your thing and do it well!” And ya did, so thank you both lovies!!

Shock to the System: Jake Dubber, you returned for a second year and you are wonderful! Thank you for putting on such a show and keeping us dancing all day Sunday. I loved watching you up on the balcony whooping it up, thank you for your energy and enthusiasm!

WQ Magazine: Wes and Kim, thank you! Your support of local women and the events we run is boundless and your support of Atomic is immensely appreciated! Thank you for your support of indie-crafters everywhere!

Josh Wynne Construction: Thank you over and over Brandon, the Atomic Holiday Bazaar sign was exactly what I wanted I know it was a big pain in the ass to make. Thank you!! Triple xxoo!
Miscellaneous Thank You’ze (in no particular order): Becky Kowal – pizza runner for the models, you rock and your unwavering cheerfulness is fun to be around! Martha Stinnett of Silly Rabbit Vintage, you were missed girl! Pamela Clair, I could not have made it without your fabulous paper cutter, Sarah Felder the use of your air bed saved the day, Bob at CTI Publishing, thank you for my amazing post cards and your speedy output was awesome and appreciated. Screen Killers, thank you, I appreciate your help also! On the Trashy Side, thank you for the killer metallic dresses on the mannequins, they were perfect and sparkly and thank you! Video Renaissance for the use of the fabulous films that rolled behind the bands at the Saturday Atomic show, you boys ROCK, so thank you!

Phewie. That’s it, that’s all. If I forgot anyone, really, pinch me and I’ll make amends, I promise! Cheers and until next year…

Hugs and Stitches,

Adrien Lucas