Wednesday, November 4, 2009

everything but the girl - Interview with Atomic Holiday Bazaar

Laura Gale of everything but the girl is Atomic Alumni...she is a FOUR TIMER, folks! Laura produced the fashion shows for AHB II & III with Monica Eshkoli (of Freaky Tiki) and ebtg will be at both Atomic shows this year, Saturday Night, 12/12/09 and Sunday, 12/13/09.

I remember the first Atomic show in 2006, Laura made a point of stopping me a little before the doors were getting ready to open and she told me to stop and take it all in. What can I say? It was a moment, a very, very good moment! everything but the girl is kind of like Atomic Holiday Bazaar year round, we are very lucky to have such a fun and colorful place to shop in Sarasota! It wouldn't be Atomic without Laura. Ms. Gale's interview can be read below!

Name of Business/Website Address? everything but the girl, boutique & gallery /

What City/State do you reside in? Sarasota FL

Is this your first time attending Atomic or have you done the show before? I am in my senior year, Year #4!

What do make and plan on bringing to Atomic? Only the coolest shiz in town, crafted by EBTG family of artists.

Is making stuff your full time ocupation? Do you have a day job, are you a parent? How do you find the time to balance making stuff and taking time out for your life? I am a mum first, shop-owner second. I always find time for things that excite me.

If you have worked Atomic in prior years, what is one of your favorite memories from AHB? The excitement of seeing that line form out front before the doors open, the fashions shows I've produced, the overall energy of so many creatives in one space! Thrilling, all of it!
Why are you passionate about "D-I-Y" and what does it mean to you? DIY, to me, means you don't need the 'expected', the 'usual' to get things done, to accomplish something important. That taking the road less traveled always yields a far more interesting result. It speaks of self-sufficient existence to me.

What's your favorite color? Black

Do you recycle and incorporate found or used items in your creations? My EBTG artists do, indeed.

What inspires you? Love, sex, music

What are your favorite bands? Right now, Im into War Tapes, Mute Math and Kings of Leon. All time faves: Lloyd Cole, INXS, Psychedelic Furs, Billie Holiday and my guilty pleasure: Meat Loaf's Bat Out of Hell.
What is your favorite movie? Almost Famous (aka The Laura Daniel Story), Amelie, To Kill a Mockingbird
Are you self taught, did a family member teach you or did you take classes? Learned it all on the mean streets of D.C.

Do you ever get burnt out on creating things, hit a dry spot like writer's block? Every one does.

Is there anyone famous who you think is too cool for school and you'd like to give them one of your pieces? I wish Tim Gunn would walk into EBTG and ask me to go for a Chai Tea with him at Olive Oil Co.

Any oddities about you that the reader may find amusing, an extra toe, can't stand anyone near your armpits, etc.? Too many to list....

Where have you traveled or visited that made you feel a bit happier about Planet Earth? Anytime I travel, I am happier.

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