Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Aperture Photography / Brian Blur - Atomic Holiday Bazaar Interview

What can I say about Brian Blur? We had a moment. Thankfully, not caught on camera, maybe we'll tell you about it some day. All I can say is it was a very rock n roll moment, all ten seconds of it, which ranged from learning, to screwing up the lesson, to surprise to laughter to fear and back to holy shit, "Did that just happen?"

Now don't go to the gutter folks, please! Brian and I are simply friends, he has a beautiful and talented biz partner and partner in crime, Tara, who wasn't a part of this interview, so we just have the meat and potatoes ala Mr. Blur's point of view. Which is pretty damn amusing, Brian has never been to an Atomic so I'm not sure if he knows what he is in for so I demand that he rest up, drink plenty of liquids and do a few bench presses!!

Name of Business/Website Address? Aperture Photography / http://www.apertureswfl.com/ & http://www.briandavidbraun.com/

What City/State do you reside in? Unincorporated Sarasota County

Is this your first time attending Atomic or have you done the show before? First time.

What do make and plan on bringing to Atomic? Three large cameras and a lots of prints.

Is making stuff your full time occupation? I am a single father and a full time photographer.

Why are you passionate about "D-I-Y" and what does it mean to you? I do all my own stunts.

What's your favorite color? Black and it's a shade.

Do you recycle and incorporate found or used items in your creations? I find and recycle humans.

What inspires you? The sideways moment.

What are your favorite bands? The Clash.. The Specials, TSOL, The Damned, The Cramps .. this list goes on and on.

What is your favorite movie? Man Bites Dog

Are you self taught, did a family member teach you or did you take classes? Self taught .

Do you ever get burnt out on creating things, hit a dry spot like writer's block? Never, ever since I sold my soul to the devil my mojo is on fire...

Is there anyone famous who you think is too cool for school and you'd like to give them one of your pieces? No, most famous people are rich, I'd be happy to sell them one, my free work is for my friends.
Any oddities about you that the reader may find amusing, an extra toe, can't stand anyone near your armpits, etc.? I hate when people photograph me and I have a giant mutant penis that is shaped like the state of Florida.

Where have you traveled or visited that made you feel a bit happier about Planet Earth? Belle Glade, Florida... No matter what; I know my life will never suck so bad that I have to live in Belle Glade.

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