Monday, October 5, 2009

Stitch Rocks Indie Craft Show '09 Recap

This past weekend I attended the Stitch Rock show in Delray Beach, produced by the lovely and talented Amanda of "With Sugar on Top." Amanda is big-time Atomic alumni (she is coming back to Atomic for round IV!); I adore her and she put on a hell of a show for us.

I'd say about half of the vendors at Stitch are headed to sell their creations at Atomic this year. It was really nice to meet old friends and make new ones.

I'd like to thank Amanda and her volunteers for being so nice and working their butts off for us. Also, I'd like to thank Jess from Stray Creative who makes the best damn brownies I have ever had. I was a complete glutton and I want the secret recipe dammit! The picture above is of Jess and her hottie mama and Joanna Coblentz of Dollface, Inc. who shared a table with me.

Check out the pics I took at the Stitch Show right H E R E!

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