Saturday, October 10, 2009

Carey Borden of C.A.B. Fayre is making a splash in the local DIY scene, I ran into her at the Stitch show in Delray Beach last weekend and it was a pleasure finally getting to meet her. Carey has a great eye for color, her clothing is fresh and sexy and her jewelry dangles in all the right places, in other words, this gal knows how to put shit together! C.A.B. Fayre can be found at Atomic's Saturday night and Sunday day show. Carey's interview follows..

Name of Business/Website Address? C.A.B. Fayre.

What City/State do you reside in? Bradenton, FL

Is this your first time attending Atomic or have you done the show before? I went to Atomic last year as a shopper and loved it so much I knew I just had to be a vendor this year

What do you make and plan on bringing to Atomic: We make jewelry, clothing, hair accessories, and other kick-ass creations.

Is making stuff your full time occupation? Do you have a day job, are you a parent? How do you find the time to balance making stuff and taking time out for your life? I'm currently working towards making this my full time job. I hated the job I was at and what I was studying in school so I decided I would rather know I pursued doing something I love than know I just ended up falling into somewhere that I didn't belong. I'm not willing to sacrifice my happiness. I think the most important thing in life is to do what makes you happy because you only have this one life to live. You shouldn't waste it by spending everyday at a job you hate!

Why are you passionate about "D-I-Y" and what does it mean to you? I'm all about handmade things. I would rather buy something handmade from other people like me than from a big heartless company. I also like being somewhat one of a kind. I hate how so many people walk around wearing the same things and in this small town with barely anywhere to shop its hard to be original unless you DIY. Creating and making things is a huge source of happiness in my life. I love turning nothing into something. Doing it yourself is empowering.

What's your favorite color? I have a favorite color combo...Black and White but I guess I should say hot pink is my favorite color considering I made it the color of C.A.B. Fayre

Do you recycle and incorporate found or used items in your creations? I have a new collection that I just recently added to my line called "ReVAMPed" which is vintage clothing, jewelry, and purses with a modern C.A.B. Fayre twist

What inspires you? I get inspired by lots of in magazines/art books, random things around me, items in thrift stores, and even music. I walk through thrift stores and find items that give me visions. I will immediately see a vision of what I can turn that item into. Music is another big one. I have to be listening to music to make stuff. Sometimes I will just play music and stand in front of my mannequin and getting lost in the music without thinking start draping a necklace design on it. Inspiration is everywhere. (man if I was an outsider reading this I would totally make fun of myself for that answer....ha!)

What are your favorite bands? No Doubt will forever be my favorite band but right now I'm loving a new up and coming local band called Crash FistFight (they remind me of Guns N' Roses with a Motorhead twist) they put on one hell of a show!

What is your favorite movie? The Dreamers is a big fave of mine but I'm also a huge fan of 80's movies and black and white films.

Are you self taught, did a family member teach you or did you take classes? I'd have to say a lot of what I do is self taught and a result of many failed tries. My mother taught me to sew. She has always been really into "arts and crafts" so she has surrounded me with that kind of stuff since I was a little tot. My father taught me how to work with resin and typical dad stuff like how to use tools. When I would get a vision of something I wanted to make my mother and father were always there to tell me what can and can't be done in order to make it happen until we'd make it work. I was and still am really lucky!

Do you ever get burnt out on creating things, hit a dry spot like writer's block? I never get burnt out, I love what I do, but I definitely get "creator's block." However, it never lasts very long and all I have to do to break it is look through one of my hundreds of art books or fashion magazines that I have stacked all over my house or go shopping at a vintage or thrift store until I find something that... (forgive me for how ridiculous this is about to sound but...) speaks to me.

Is there anyone famous who you think is too cool for school and you'd like to give them one of your pieces? I would pee my pants if Gwen Stefani wore one of my pieces!

Any oddities about you that the reader may find amusing, an extra toe, can't stand anyone near your armpits, etc.? It's not exactly an oddity but I will not step foot into an elevator I don't care if I have to walk 30 flights of stairs...I don't do elevators!

Where have you traveled or visited that made you feel a bit happier about Planet Earth? I visited Eleuthera an island in the Bahamas. At one point I found myself all alone on the beach with no one around as far as the eye could see. The water was a shade of teal I've never seen and the sand was pink. It was amazing and being all alone like that in such beauty made me forget how cruel the world can be.

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