Monday, October 5, 2009

Atomic Holiday Bazaar 2009 Intro Blog-Get-Know-Me

Greetings Atomic Holiday Bazaar peeps and Creative Loafing Readers, my name is Adrien Lucas, if you have not heard about Atomic Holiday Bazaar, consider this blog a "get to know me & Atomic" entry. Future blog-gulations will include interviews with all of the Atomic misfits who will be selling their tasty crafty/artsy items at this year's Atomic shows which occur Saturday night, 12-12-09 from 5 p.m. - 11:30 p.m. and Sunday, 12-13-09 from noon - 6:00 p.m.

I have the good fortune of blogging about Atomic Holiday Bazaar this year for Sarasota's Creative Loafing. Creative Loafing has been on board with Atomic from 2006, sponsoring the event, I appreciate their support of Atomic. CL understood from the get go what this show was going to be about (thank you Max, Cooper and Richeal), while some other people just kind of scratched their heads thinking Atomic was just another craft show. Whatev's, here we are, it's the fourth year for Atomic and bigger and badder than ever.

This year is Atomic's first Saturday night show, again, 12/12/09, 5PM - 11:30 PM, 18 and Over Only and a $7 Admission. I know you're saying WTF? Why so expensive? Well, it's expensive to run this baby...listed below I have written for your viewing pleasure what is the haps this December for Atomic Holiday Bazaar.

AHB's first Saturday night craft show will feature live rockabilly music raining upon the crowd like a foamy PBR . The evening craft show will present dark hearted craft, art and clothing infused with splashes of punk, smudges of rock and jabs of general tuffness.

Saturday night is alright for fighting but we perfer, two fashion shows produced by Doll Face, Inc., showcasing vintage clothing from Silly Rabbit Vintage and Vintage Stew in addition to a second fashion show featuring rocka-billy-licious clothing designed by Joanna Coblentz of Doll Face, Inc., and Adrien Lucas of Tuff Betty Bags, we promise to not make you yawn!

Burlesque dancing performed by Moxie Le Femme and live music with The Redliners, The Dead Popes and Viva Le Vox! Come hungry, Sarasota Olive Oil Co. will be on hand selling some food, beer and wine!

Sunday, 12-13-09, we are back to basics, with Atomic's Addams Family or Six Feet Under Family Friendly Show, $5 Adults / Children 12 & Under Free.

AHB's Sunday craft show is back to its roots, holiday shopping at its finest with 80+ vendors presenting handmade DIY amusing craft, jewelry, body products, home decor, indie-fashion, smidges of art and much, much more. FREE cotton tote filled with Atomic swag to 1st 100 adults through the door with special offers from our vendors, zines, buttons, samples and more.

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