Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Agorables Clothing Interview

Agorables Clothing comes to Atomic Holiday Bazaar from East Lake Weird, Florida. It is their first time working the show and they can be found at the Saturday night Atomic show.
I really adore their dark sensibilities, they speak to me. I hope their creations speak to you as well. October seems a fitting time to showcase Agorables...perhaps you have a loved one you must buy a Halloween gift for? Look no further, they have you covered...or just show up to the Saturday night Atomic Holiday show on 12/12/09, 5PM - 11:30PM.

Check out their interview below:

What do make and plan on bringing to Atomic: All kinds of Shit, mainly wallets and vintage items given a NEW LIFE.

Is making stuff your full time ocupation? NOPE.

Do you have a day job? YEP

Are you a parent? YEP

How do you find the time to balance making stuff and taking time out for your life? LOTS OF LATE NIGHTS.

Why are you passionate about "D-I-Y" and what does it mean to you? Individual Expression, NO Wal-SHIT.

What's your favorite color? EVIL.

Do you recycle and incorporate found or used items in your creations? We use vintage and thrift store items to give them a new bitch'n life.

What inspires you? Life and Life's Little Fuck-ups.

What are your favorite bands? Something with a good beat and is easy to dance to; STP, Alice in Chains, CHEVELLE.

What is your favorite movie? FUCK!! Willy Wonka and the Pulp Fiction Factory...coming to Blu Ray soon.

Are you self taught, did a family member teach you or did you take classes? Self taught in the streets, WORD to your momma.

Do you ever get burnt out on creating things, hit a dry spot like writer's block? MORE of a TIME thing than IDEAS.

Is there anyone famous who you think is too cool for school and you'd like to give them one of your pieces? Dave Grohl, he is one bad mother fucker with a wicked sense of humor.

Any oddities about you that the reader may find amusing, an extra toe, can't stand anyone near your armpits, etc.? Around our house opossum meat is a delicacy.

Where have you traveled or visited that made you feel a bit happier about Planet Earth? San Fran.

As you can tell, Agorables creators have a fabulous sense of humor and I dig them the most.

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