Monday, December 1, 2008

Silly Rabbit Vintage & Raging Retro

Just a quick blog about one of my vendors, Silly Rabbit Vintage who is sharing a booth with me, Tuff Betty Bags at this year's Atomic Holiday Bazaar. If you are in the market for some fabulous vintage threads, Silly Rabbit is your gal. Silly Rabbit vintage will be available for a preview this week at Sarasota's Rosemary Rising event, you can find all the gory details below on this fabulous poster created by (drum roll please) the talented Billy Elkins who is my partner in crime for Raging Retro, which will have a slot on the stage during the day of Atomic. Good God Almighty, could I insert anymore hyperlinks into this paragraph? If you are in the SRQ area this Thursday, come meet us, you'll see the Studio 54-like party a thumpin' inside the new teal building across the street from the boutique "everything but the girl." Hope to see you there!

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