Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ragamufyn...Fabulous Stuff

Heather was with Atomic the first year and is back for year III, sharing a booth with 75rabbit (I'll get to her later!)...
Ragymufyn blew my panties off when she sent me some recent pics of what she is bringing to Atomic. I could die I am so excited. I have to have a set of these immediately:

Remember, these are one of a kind. No one's bottom butt your own will slide into these!
Seriously, I could NOT be any more excited about these boy-style whitey tightey/whitie tightie undies. I see some serious topless pillow fights in these.
My references to certain jokes may have gone over some heads but seriously these panties make me feel extremely silly in that fun kind of hop in the hay kind of way or puttin' these on while I flip pancakes for my baby.
Oh, and you can expect so much more from this gal. From bags, to children's clothing, to pouches and scarves. Ya get the picture? Can you dig it? Now let's all get panty happy!

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