Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Natural Instinct Body and Spa By Kat

This year I have my youngest crafter attending Atomic, Natural Instinct Body & Spa by Kat, who is only 16 but began her business at 14. Um, at 14, I was a bad, bad girl so it makes me happy to have someone with such drive and ambition and a love for what she does as a part of Atomic.

Kat's personal care line includes soaps (exfoliating, extra formulating, moisturizing and massage) scrubs, lotions, body butter, lip balm, body soaks, foaming facial scrubs, shaving bars, bug repellant and a new complete acne and baby products line not leaving out our total pet care products. All of her products are wheat free, gluten free and latex free and I can dig! I am looking forward to meeting sweet chickie!

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