Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lucas Bags

Amy of Lucas Bags arrived at Atomic last year and was a huge hit with her Hippo Sect. A portion of each sale of a stuffed animal hippo is donated to the IUCN/SSC Hippo Group. How cool is that?
This is what happened when I brought my hippo home last year from Atomic, I swear, my dog Enzo sniffed hippo bottom all on his own. I never catch a cool pic when my animals are doing something cute, it's like me, I usually always have a wad of gum in my mouth when I have a pic shot...but this pic is the real deal!

In addition to the hippos, Amy does pet portraits, so bring in a photo of your pet and commission Amy to do something groovy for you. I think they are wonderful pieces of art, her stuff just has a little more soul to the canvas, don't you think?

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