Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Carnivale Creations

Carnivale Creations by Becky Sinn comes back for another Atomic. I love this gal. Coolness surrounds her, she's that cool to me. I am not a huge doll person, usually when I'm channel flipping I can't help but get caught on QVC watching Marie Osmond schlocking her scary dolls mass manufactured in China that she sits on her lap and well, the whole experience is weird. However, Becky's dolls are the kind of dolls that I would like to be startled by. I'd love to walk into someones house and see one of these pretties sitting in a chair just staring at me. Disturbing? Yes. Strange? Oh sure. Beautiful? Most definitely. Becky draws them, creates the pattern and then goes to town.

Nautillian - Queen of the Black Lagoon

Nephrodite the Sea Witch

She also makes juicy jewelry that I would love to ply my wrists with! How cool is this?
Pacman Fever Chunky Charm Bracelet

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