Monday, November 10, 2008


While I was perusing Etsy's fabulous "Geo-Locator" this summer, I stumbled upon Brandy of becca-mari. I had to have her, not in that "Rhett Butler" kind of way, just sort of a "she must come to Atomic, I must lure her to the show, even if it's the last crafter I ever contact again."

I was in the market for a gift for my nephew who was turning one. For me, he had all the obvious stuff a one year old should have: the jumpy-jack rubber band swing, the ergonomic bottle, the baby butt blanket I purchased something I thought he would have fun looking at on a shelf but really it was for his mama. The item below is what I bought...and it was as kooky and fabulous in person as it appeared on-line. I had a hard time shipping it to my niecelette but in the end, good behavior finally prevailed (not something I cave to often).


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