Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Natural Instinct Body and Spa By Kat

This year I have my youngest crafter attending Atomic, Natural Instinct Body & Spa by Kat, who is only 16 but began her business at 14. Um, at 14, I was a bad, bad girl so it makes me happy to have someone with such drive and ambition and a love for what she does as a part of Atomic.

Kat's personal care line includes soaps (exfoliating, extra formulating, moisturizing and massage) scrubs, lotions, body butter, lip balm, body soaks, foaming facial scrubs, shaving bars, bug repellant and a new complete acne and baby products line not leaving out our total pet care products. All of her products are wheat free, gluten free and latex free and I can dig! I am looking forward to meeting sweet chickie!

Atomic Holiday Bazaar - Cliff Roles Radio Interview

Yesterday, Laura Gale from everything but the girl boutique and Freaky Girl Productions and I had the fun pleasure of being interviewed by Cliff Roles. If you missed it, here is a link so you can listen to us pimping Rosemary Rising, which is scheduled for Thursday, December 4, 2008, 5 - 9, held at the Rosemary District in downtown Sarasota and of course, Atomic Holiday Bazaar, scheduled for Sunday, December 14, 2008, noon - 6t p.m. at the Sarasota Municipal Auditorium.

You may listen here folks, it's about ten minutes:

Cliff Roles - scroll to the 11/25/08 line and click to listen.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Carnivale Creations

Carnivale Creations by Becky Sinn comes back for another Atomic. I love this gal. Coolness surrounds her, she's that cool to me. I am not a huge doll person, usually when I'm channel flipping I can't help but get caught on QVC watching Marie Osmond schlocking her scary dolls mass manufactured in China that she sits on her lap and well, the whole experience is weird. However, Becky's dolls are the kind of dolls that I would like to be startled by. I'd love to walk into someones house and see one of these pretties sitting in a chair just staring at me. Disturbing? Yes. Strange? Oh sure. Beautiful? Most definitely. Becky draws them, creates the pattern and then goes to town.

Nautillian - Queen of the Black Lagoon

Nephrodite the Sea Witch

She also makes juicy jewelry that I would love to ply my wrists with! How cool is this?
Pacman Fever Chunky Charm Bracelet

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ragamufyn...Fabulous Stuff

Heather was with Atomic the first year and is back for year III, sharing a booth with 75rabbit (I'll get to her later!)...
Ragymufyn blew my panties off when she sent me some recent pics of what she is bringing to Atomic. I could die I am so excited. I have to have a set of these immediately:

Remember, these are one of a kind. No one's bottom butt your own will slide into these!
Seriously, I could NOT be any more excited about these boy-style whitey tightey/whitie tightie undies. I see some serious topless pillow fights in these.
My references to certain jokes may have gone over some heads but seriously these panties make me feel extremely silly in that fun kind of hop in the hay kind of way or puttin' these on while I flip pancakes for my baby.
Oh, and you can expect so much more from this gal. From bags, to children's clothing, to pouches and scarves. Ya get the picture? Can you dig it? Now let's all get panty happy!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I adore Beanblossom and she's back for more Atomic wonderlandia! Pam Anderson is just someone you instantly like. Her blog is funny and her creations are amusing too. And you all know, I dig funny.

These pics are of her handbags. Believe me, she makes much, much more. Can't wait to appreciate. Give me a B "Beeee" Give me an "A" "Aaaaa" bleeech, you get the picture, "What's that spell?" Beanblossom! All this coming from someone who was never a cheerleader, but for Pam, I'll shout it out!

Bi'atch and Gripe from the Atomic Organizer

Holy hell bells. Pull back the curtain and there are many, many things going on with the makings of Atomic Holiday Bazaar. This recent event, which just occurred a few minutes ago, takes the cake.

I came home to a voice mail from some sweet voiced gal who works for ASCAP. I thought, as I listened to her message, "ASCAP" in reference to Atomic, WTF? I mean, I trademarked the name, that's right suckers, Atomic Holiday Bazaar is trademarked. But ASCAP, The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers? What in the hell did she want with me? Ohhhh, they must want me to pay a fee for my blogs to their organization so I can own my sentiments and then if anyone wants to "lift" or appropriate my verbiage, I can sue the hell out of them. Well doesn't that make life rich?

Just kidding, I knew it wasn't that grand, but seriously what would a large organization such as ASCAP want with a f'in one day a year craft event? Huh?

Well, they want my money. As owner of the show, it lands on my lap, not my DJ's to pay for any song usage during the day of Atomic Holiday Bazaar, just mine. I began to laugh when she told me this. I asked her what the fee was and I think, (I THINK because I had just finished two glasses of wine) the ASCAP representative stated ".075" per song. Why in the hell bother then? I mean, hell if my DJ's play 5o songs and at .075 that comes to about Three Dollars. Maybe I am the village idiot and didn't do the math right. I asked her again the fee and wrote it down and then emailed her to verify that I didn't have a bunch of embroidery thread in my ears. So I will have the fee confirmed tomorrow. I then asked her what if my DJ's play only music on MySpace, unsigned, etc., and she implied "oh we have field rep's and if one is at your show and hears just one song that belongs to ASCAP's vast library" I could be sued at a fee that begins around $600.

Can you believe this shit? Sigh. So, one more thing to do on my list of one billion things to do gearing up for the show is to find it I really indeed did hear the fee per song correctly, because in that case, I think I can swing the money. Or, if I was totally deaf and it is more $$, well hell, you all may just get a stupid tap dance soft shoe shuffle that I'll put together with my troupe of Bureaucratic F' the System Tappers. We're an old bunch but we can tap the shit out of anything and you will be entertained...every pun intended!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Big Brother and Sister are watching us...and for a fee. This is only the beginning.

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Crafty Hag

The Crafty Hag...first off, anyone who would name their business such an entertaining name is A-OK in my little black book. Coralette brings a plethora of craft. This gal has range. She is a busy crafter in the St. Pete/Tampa area and I am happy to have her sense of humor and talent as part of Atomic!

Monster Claw Holiday Stocking

Grrrrr, this stocking reminds me of something my sister would have given or made for me as a child. We love being scared (such a strange human trait). And this monster claw stocking makes me giggle.
Bold Robot Tiki Linocut Card Set

Pretty coolio huh? You are going to dig her, I know I do!

Cherry Runway

Cherry Runway is an independent online shop that offers unique handmade jewelry, clothing, home decor, art and more from various artists and crafters around the U.S. This means, their table is going to be crammed to the gills with some really cool goodies.

Up Up and Away

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lucas Bags

Amy of Lucas Bags arrived at Atomic last year and was a huge hit with her Hippo Sect. A portion of each sale of a stuffed animal hippo is donated to the IUCN/SSC Hippo Group. How cool is that?
This is what happened when I brought my hippo home last year from Atomic, I swear, my dog Enzo sniffed hippo bottom all on his own. I never catch a cool pic when my animals are doing something cute, it's like me, I usually always have a wad of gum in my mouth when I have a pic shot...but this pic is the real deal!

In addition to the hippos, Amy does pet portraits, so bring in a photo of your pet and commission Amy to do something groovy for you. I think they are wonderful pieces of art, her stuff just has a little more soul to the canvas, don't you think?

Monday, November 10, 2008


Ph.Beads returns to Atomic for a third time. Monica must love the atomic torture!

Seriously, Monica is a jewelry artist (and marine biologist) and boy are we lucky to have her come back to Atomic! She is a true metal-smith who thankfully makes affordable (attainable) wearable art for the jewelry addicts on this planet.

While I am all over the map in my style, ala' Liberace, Cher, Don Ho, Hello Dolly, Miss Piggy, I appreciate style with refinement and like to throw on a piece of jewelry that is elegant and interesting yet not completely confusing to the visual pallet. I love the pieces she designed featured below. Coming soon, to a rock-n-rolla craft show, can ya feel it? Oh yeah baby!


While I was perusing Etsy's fabulous "Geo-Locator" this summer, I stumbled upon Brandy of becca-mari. I had to have her, not in that "Rhett Butler" kind of way, just sort of a "she must come to Atomic, I must lure her to the show, even if it's the last crafter I ever contact again."

I was in the market for a gift for my nephew who was turning one. For me, he had all the obvious stuff a one year old should have: the jumpy-jack rubber band swing, the ergonomic bottle, the baby butt blanket I purchased something I thought he would have fun looking at on a shelf but really it was for his mama. The item below is what I bought...and it was as kooky and fabulous in person as it appeared on-line. I had a hard time shipping it to my niecelette but in the end, good behavior finally prevailed (not something I cave to often).


Monday, November 3, 2008

Dog Save The Queen Tees

Dog Save the Queen Tees, "we mean it man" and if you don't get the Sex Pistols reference, than shame on you. This fabulous t-shirt company will be shacked up with With Sugar on Top and Slushbox, sharing a booth at Atomic.

DSQT makes primarily punk inspired t-shirts for dogs but if the moon is full and they are feeling kindness towards thier own species (that's homosapien folks) they will screenprint t'shirts for us too!