Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our Lady of Perpetual Pickles

I love Jessi of "Our Lady of Perpetual Pickles" but even better than my love for her is my addiction to her "Sweet Heat" pickles. Oh lordy, she almost makes me a believer. Thinly sliced crunchy pickles in this sweet sauce that has a little Ka-Pow to it! Her space is going to be located right behind my booth at Atomic this year so I can eat all the free samples! Don't worry, I'll be buying them up so you better get to AHB early this year, her stuff sells quickly! On a side note, she also makes some very amusing crafty items too but I have to admit, it's her canning skills that do me in!! Over and over and over again.

Here is a lovely explanation from Jessi regarding the old art of canning and why she belongs in Atomic.

"Our Lady of Perpetual Pickles" speakeths outeths to youethsssss:

"What's not to love about us canners??? We like to preserve everything! I think that is how we fit in with the whole vintage vibe. The stuff we can might not be old (which is good), but the recipes, stories, and methods are completely old school/vintage! Not many moms and dads did canning when we were younger (70's era), but in the 40's, 50's, and early 60's most of our grandparents were doing this as a part of routine which I think puts it right into that vintage spot."

"Sorry...the last couple of shows I have been to I have heard a couple of people mention that my stuff was more "country craft" than hipster/urban crafts and that I shouldn't be there (I'm talking like two people, so I'm not super upset...and I think they were upset because their stuff wasn't selling). It just chaps my hide because many of the crafts I see are very vintage inspired, and I consider canning a very vintage hobby. Everyone has their own opinion I know...but I just wish I didn't have good hearing sometimes. Ok...I'll get off my soap box now."

"I just tried my family's famous Hindustani Mango Chutney recipe last night!!!! It has more of a curry-ish flavor to it than the mango chutney/relish we get in the seafood restaurants. It tastes really awesome, but not exactly like I remember it. It took two days to make and it will be a gourmet item, my grandmother says it can be used as an appetizer if you take a cracker, put a dollop of cream cheese, and then the chutney on top. I say that's a snack...but that's me. We always have it as a relish or side item when we have really never gets past that because we eat it all. My mom eats it straight out of the jar." ~Jessi

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