Wednesday, October 8, 2008

BungleBear Designs

Mushroom Print -- of an original ink drawing, digitally colored, 5" x 7"
I get many applications for Atomic and sometimes the names people choose for their companies strike certain chords in me. I know I have no right to be that way, I've had people do double takes and roll their eyes when I say "Tuff Betty Bags" is the name of my company. Ok, look, I have to admit, I was a bit dubious about "Bungle Bear" as I was concerned thinking to myself, "Oh no, another crafter submitting their teddy bears..." However, I WAS WAY WRONG. The moral of this crafty tale is never ever judge a book by its cover. Andrea of BungleBear Designs is driving over from Orlando to participate in Atomic! Her items are affordable, lovely and won't kill your holiday spending budget.

MINI Clutch - Blue Bambis (OMG, I love this!)

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