Thursday, October 16, 2008

Art of Skulls

I used to live in Los Angeles for many years and I can tell you, I loved the Mexican influence on the City of Angels. I love cooking Mexican food, anything sprinkled with jalepenos, I dig hot sauces, mole, and I'm not talking Tex-Mex -- which has its place. I am talkin' real, authentic Mexican cookin' (droppin' the N's like Ms. Sarah Palin, now ain't that down home?)...

What I am leading up to is the next crafter Art of Skulls, I love Día de los Muertos / Day of the Dead, (check the link if you don't know what it is!)! These beautiful skulls remind me of living in L.A., close to the beautiful border of Mexico. Via con dios or may the force be with you my darlins!
These affordable little works of smilin' skulls also come as candle holders and a few other shapes and sizes. I can't wait to build my own little family of smilin' skulls!

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