Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our Lady of Perpetual Pickles

I love Jessi of "Our Lady of Perpetual Pickles" but even better than my love for her is my addiction to her "Sweet Heat" pickles. Oh lordy, she almost makes me a believer. Thinly sliced crunchy pickles in this sweet sauce that has a little Ka-Pow to it! Her space is going to be located right behind my booth at Atomic this year so I can eat all the free samples! Don't worry, I'll be buying them up so you better get to AHB early this year, her stuff sells quickly! On a side note, she also makes some very amusing crafty items too but I have to admit, it's her canning skills that do me in!! Over and over and over again.

Here is a lovely explanation from Jessi regarding the old art of canning and why she belongs in Atomic.

"Our Lady of Perpetual Pickles" speakeths outeths to youethsssss:

"What's not to love about us canners??? We like to preserve everything! I think that is how we fit in with the whole vintage vibe. The stuff we can might not be old (which is good), but the recipes, stories, and methods are completely old school/vintage! Not many moms and dads did canning when we were younger (70's era), but in the 40's, 50's, and early 60's most of our grandparents were doing this as a part of routine which I think puts it right into that vintage spot."

"Sorry...the last couple of shows I have been to I have heard a couple of people mention that my stuff was more "country craft" than hipster/urban crafts and that I shouldn't be there (I'm talking like two people, so I'm not super upset...and I think they were upset because their stuff wasn't selling). It just chaps my hide because many of the crafts I see are very vintage inspired, and I consider canning a very vintage hobby. Everyone has their own opinion I know...but I just wish I didn't have good hearing sometimes. Ok...I'll get off my soap box now."

"I just tried my family's famous Hindustani Mango Chutney recipe last night!!!! It has more of a curry-ish flavor to it than the mango chutney/relish we get in the seafood restaurants. It tastes really awesome, but not exactly like I remember it. It took two days to make and it will be a gourmet item, my grandmother says it can be used as an appetizer if you take a cracker, put a dollop of cream cheese, and then the chutney on top. I say that's a snack...but that's me. We always have it as a relish or side item when we have really never gets past that because we eat it all. My mom eats it straight out of the jar." ~Jessi

Friday, October 24, 2008

Creative Loafing - "Best of the Suncoast 2008" - Orange Press & Everything but the Girl

This is sweet sparkly news. Two participants in this year's AHB show have won a "Best of the Suncoast '08" from Creative Loafing (CL is an Atomic sponsor) this year. Both Orange Press & Everything but the Girl. Their victories are Atomic victories because I am happy to have them in the show. Orange Press donated 100 of their zines for the swag tote give aways last year and are doing the same this year. However, this year Orange Press will have their very own table selling some cool stuff. Jen Nugent makes some killer bags from refurbished bike tire innards.

Everything but the Girl, well, I can't write without being biased. The owner, Laura Gale, is my gal-pal and sells my stuff along with other AHB crafter's wares. Vintage and sweet items a'plenty in her boutique, Ms. Gale has been instrumental in getting the Rosemary District vibe a'growing. Read all about these two winners below or just pick up the latest issue of Creative Loafing.

Soap at Pastimes Pub
Local power couple John Lichtenstein (aka one-man band, Skiffle) and Orange Press Zine publisher Jen Nugent organize and promote this electrapsychocandy dance party, an ongoing sequel of sorts to the previous boogie nights known as Dirt. The monthly showcase features an ever-changing lineup of DJs, rock bands, rappers and electronic artists. Get out to Pastimes on the Tuesday they've selected, or risk having to sit tight for the next installment. or

Everything But the Girl
EBTG was a rad enough little boutique before it introduced vintage duds. Now with new old clothing and accessories arriving weekly, the Rosemary District niche is one-stop oooh-and-ahhing, thanks to proprietress Laura Gale's keen eye for timeless pieces and her merchandising charms. Toss in jewelry, house wares, handbags, jewelry, even fine art – handcrafted by up-and-coming local artists – and Gale's got everything a girl could want and then some. 430 Central Ave., Sarasota, 954-8800 or

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

With Sugar on Top & Slushbox - Atomic Repeat Offenders

With Sugar on Top & Slushbox are a duo who will be attending Atomic for the third time. I dig 'em, obviously! Here are some cool tiddybitties about these two: Amanda, from With Sugar on Top, not only runs her D-I-Y bizness, but she also has a cupcake/bakery company AND she runs Stitch, another holiday bazaar in Delray Beach, FL...she also happens to have some of the sweetest tattoos ever. JR of Slushbox is an amazingly talented artist who is too incredibly humble and really could be an obnoxious bad ass if he wanted to, but he's not, he is down to earth and funny as hell. For the third year in a row, I will continue to say, if you want a good laugh, read JR's bio here, because it is one funny piece of reading material. Oh, and they are getting married this Halloween...too f'in cool for school!
With Sugar on TopVintage Gumball Brass Heart Bracelet
Per, Amanda, "this piece is a mix of my two favorite things vintage and sweetness!" Hand poured resin and sprinkles into 5 vintage brass hearts to create this sweet lil bracelet! Adjustable in length with the chain. "So sweet it reminds me of a vintage gumball machine!"
I'd have to agree, this bracelet is adorable!

(check out the link above so you can see the detail!)

My car had to go into the shop yesterday. I am working a few jobs at the moment just trying to make it and the above painting speaks volumes to me at the moment...

Leaving Las Vegas

I am a huge fan of Slushbox t-shirts. Comfy, entertaining and colorful. May I stress again, the hell with Targetti, Wal-farts, K-Merts and all the others who have decided to sell "cool t-shirts." Pul-leeze Lou-eeze, come to Atomic and pick up a true original t-shirt from Slushbox.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Art of Skulls

I used to live in Los Angeles for many years and I can tell you, I loved the Mexican influence on the City of Angels. I love cooking Mexican food, anything sprinkled with jalepenos, I dig hot sauces, mole, and I'm not talking Tex-Mex -- which has its place. I am talkin' real, authentic Mexican cookin' (droppin' the N's like Ms. Sarah Palin, now ain't that down home?)...

What I am leading up to is the next crafter Art of Skulls, I love Día de los Muertos / Day of the Dead, (check the link if you don't know what it is!)! These beautiful skulls remind me of living in L.A., close to the beautiful border of Mexico. Via con dios or may the force be with you my darlins!
These affordable little works of smilin' skulls also come as candle holders and a few other shapes and sizes. I can't wait to build my own little family of smilin' skulls!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Handmade Holiday Bazaar + Sew It's For You + Elle Belle = Check It!

This is going to be a meaty piece of bloggy pie. My crafty ladies of Sew It's For You and Elle Belle have organized "Handmade Holiday Bazaar" on November 9th, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. at Fiberologie in St. Pete, Florida. I am hoping to cart my busy ass up to their shindiggy provided I can battle my way out of my house which is filled with thread, vintage clothing, half-made handbags, half-made D-I-Y kits, etc-crafty-f'in-cetera. It's that time of the year when the craft supplies just take over the house like black mold, it happens quickly and before I know it, I can't find the couch, my Ipod, nuthin, it's all covered up. If you've seen my cat, tell her I changed the litterbox and we're good to go now.

Sew It's For You
Pin Up Girls Hand Embroidered Napkins

I am a sucker for vintage napkins and linens. I love the old aprons, I dig putting them on when I am cooking. It's just fun for me. I rarely buy something new but Julie's pin up napkins put me over the moon. Bright fun colors with shapely gals to wipe our mouths on and place properly in our laps. Risque' Dining for sure and I love a good dinner that leads to something else...!!!???

Elle Belle
Mom Tattoo Embroidered Baby Sling This sling earned Elle Belle a spot in the finals of the Etsy Handmade Kid Contest! That's a huge deal, I mean there are thousands of us on Etsy so kudos to Stacey! If you want to read more about this sling and its merits, click here. Elle Belle was in AHB II and is sharing a booth with Sew It's For You for a grand slam of embroidery overload, yee haw!

Full Set of Count and Spell Color Recognition Beanbags by Elle Belle
1, 2, 3, 4 who loves to count even more? I do. However, I can count up to ten these days so I don't need these bags but what a fun gift for that kid in your life who is learning to count and learn their colors; or maybe you can buy a set of these for that dippy friend who is always short changing you when it comes to splitting the bill. Or maybe you can pass these bags off as change while shopping since these beanbags are probably way more valuable than our U.S. dollar-roonie.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lolablue...indulge yourself...respect mother earth.

Lolablue creates hand-crafted Soy candles, candle scents, soy tart chunks, tart burners, soy lip balm, coffee sugar scrubs, skyclad sugar scrubs, sacred body balms and more...all by Lolablue who returns to the Atomic show down in the soy candle corral. Um, sorry, all of those words made me wax poetic. Hahaha. I'm killing myself softly. No seriously, Jamie is a pro when it comes to blending yummy natural concoctions for the body.

Lemongrass Mint

Skyclad, as described by Jamie, is any ritual performed in the nude (I'm there!), to be free to reclaim your energy, to celebrate yourself, while bringing balance to the mind and spirit. What's not to love about that?? And all wrapped up in the delightful aromatherapy of lemongrass and mint, or lavender vanilla. Oh my...

BungleBear Designs

Mushroom Print -- of an original ink drawing, digitally colored, 5" x 7"
I get many applications for Atomic and sometimes the names people choose for their companies strike certain chords in me. I know I have no right to be that way, I've had people do double takes and roll their eyes when I say "Tuff Betty Bags" is the name of my company. Ok, look, I have to admit, I was a bit dubious about "Bungle Bear" as I was concerned thinking to myself, "Oh no, another crafter submitting their teddy bears..." However, I WAS WAY WRONG. The moral of this crafty tale is never ever judge a book by its cover. Andrea of BungleBear Designs is driving over from Orlando to participate in Atomic! Her items are affordable, lovely and won't kill your holiday spending budget.

MINI Clutch - Blue Bambis (OMG, I love this!)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Theophany Designs

I'm mad for this chick's stuff. Licia's "theophany designs" are slick, not in an overproduced kind of way. She has a keen eye for clean and delightful design. I can't wait to shop from this gal and neither should you...

From affordable prints:

"wrap her up in a package of lies"

to mixed media collage:


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Felt and Paper

Wool Felt Lace Owl

High tailing it all the way from Orlando, I chased Felt and Paper down
with Etsy's fabulous geolocator. Felt and Paper's adorable wares
are affordable, well made and terrific holiday stuffers!

Check out her "City Heart Magnet - Wedgewood"
Made out of sculpey clay pressed with a lino block cut.
Painted with acrylics and covered in a uv gloss spray.
I dig it and so should you...and you should BUY HANDMADE this holiday season!!