Friday, August 8, 2008

First Rounds of Sponsorship Surrounds AHB

Guess who is sponsoring Atomic Holiday Bazaar this year? Creative Loafing, that's who!! I'm happy to say AHB will have two adverts in CL the week prior and the week of the show. Creative Loafing was the first piece of the press pie to give AHB a huge press-tacular magazine cover.

I've hired Billy Elkins from as AHB III's event photographer and graphic artist. You're all gonna shit when you see the print material he is creating for this year's show (which will be in Creative Loafing). He's an amazing photographer and really gets the philosopy of what Atomic is all about. Crafters - take note, there are going to be some great shots of you the day of the show!

More to come, I'm hustling for you my craft babies!

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