Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Creative Loafing article by Cooper Levy-Baker

2008 Holiday Guide: Blowin' up
Atomic Holiday Bazaar returns, bigger and badder than ever.

Published 12.09.08
By Cooper Levey-Baker

In 2006, Atomic Holiday Bazaar was a success story, a hip showcase for items crafted by independent artisans that found a Suncoast audience few knew even existed. By the time Atomic 2.0 rolled around last December, you could feel momentum building. Vendors jockeyed for months to book tables at the event; retailers snatched up locally made pieces to carry in their shops; the crowds grew bigger.

This year, the buzz around Atomic is deafening. Make no mistake. Atomic III, which goes down this weekend, is nothing short of a genuine Event.

"People are waiting for Atomic," says Laura Daniel Gale, owner of the Rosemary District boutique everything but the girl. Her shop is one of a growing number of Sarasota retailers that carry merchandise by Atomic artisans. "Like, they're not going to buy anything until they can get to Atomic," Gale says. "They're going to fill their list with stuff they get there, and then go out and maybe land here after that, 'cause they, really, they know what to expect now, so they want to wait and get it all there."

Gale thinks that sense of anticipation is a testament to how event organizer Adrien Lucas has managed the fair. "It was almost one of the first things she ever told me about herself was this idea she had for this bazaar," Gale says, "and to see, three and a half years later, what it's sort of grown into is amazing."

The numbers tell the story. Year one, Lucas and fellow organizer Cemantha Crain hoped for 40 vendors and ended up with 50. Year two, Lucas and Crain received 150 applications for tables. This year? Lucas sifted through 277 proposals to select 70 participants. (Crain -- with two babies to care for -- is sitting out this go-'round.) The Atomic III fashion show (themed around Doris Day's "Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)" and featuring drag queen XuXu Fontana) even features a set designer. "It's a beautiful, organic thing the way it continues to grow," Lucas says.

Her excitement is such that even near-continuous bad news about the economy doesn't faze her. "I think that the Atomic audience, the shoppers, really are not the ones who use the layaway plan at Kmart," she says. "They're not the ones who really shoot their wad at Target. We like to shop, but with some heart and soul."

Atomic may still succeed, but that doesn't mean crafters aren't hurting. A few months ago, Lucas went from earning a side income of between $300 and $800 a month with her retro handbag line, Tuff Betty Bags, to seeing sales dry up. A handful of out-of-town vendors actually pulled out of Atomic because they couldn't justify the traveling expense.

Lucas took her tough times in stride, and made Tuff Betty more efficient. She's barely spent anything on new supplies, and is reworking bags she previously would have just pitched. "I retrofitted these, changed them, fixed them, so they are sellable," Lucas says. "I find that a lot of the crafters are doing the same thing."

That, um, crafty approach is just one way independent artisans may actually have a leg up on the chains. Lori Tomlinson, a jewelry maker who is participating in her third Atomic, thinks that stricter budgets mean buyers are reprioritizing. "For some people," she says, "when the economy gets like this, they start thinking, 'I need to concentrate my money locally.'"

Tomlinson -- who's been showcasing her wares at everything but the girl since it opened in 2005 -- hasn't seen a dip in her sales at all. Quite the contrary: "With the private sales, custom orders, I've been doing more this year."

Speculation about a second Great Depression hasn't discouraged new pro crafters either. Joanna Coblentz is bringing her vintage, one-of-a-kind purses to Atomic for the first time this weekend, even though she's been nursing her handmade hobby for six years. She learned how to quilt, then began putting together hip, punk-inspired bags for friends, and then eventually for friends of friends.

But it was only recently that Coblentz decided to do her damnedest to make crafting her life. Attending last year's Atomic provided motivation, but there were deeper reasons, too.
"I turned 30 and I wasn't in a good place in my life and I got a life coach and started really thinking about what I want to do and what makes me happy," Coblentz says, "and doing my purses and being creative in that way really made me happy."

Newly inspired, Coblentz connected with friend, jewelry designer and fellow Atomic exhibitor Alaina Farmer to put on a fashion show this past September at Steel Can Alley. Coblentz didn't sell any merchandise there, but at a second show a month later in Orlando, again with Farmer, her 20 bags were sold out before the event even started. She'll have 40 to 50 bags ready to go for Atomic.

Coblentz may still need to work a variety of small jobs to cover the bills, but she knows where she's headed. Two weeks ago, she moved into a one-bedroom place in Laurel Park. That one bedroom immediately became a workspace. "I'm like, 'Screw it. I'm sleeping in the living room, 'cause I have to have a studio.'"

That's the same commitment Lucas feels toward Atomic, the commitment to make alternative crafting grow as large as possible in Sarasota. She's already scheming about next year. She wants to expand the fair into a weekend-long festival, complete with a Saturday night rock concert. You might be skeptical, but each Atomic has been bigger than the last. Why should number four be any exception?

Atomic vendor Joanna Coblentz shows off her merch.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Atomic Interview, this Thursday, 12/4, 9:30....

I know, I know, another Atomic plug, but I don't have any children so it's not like I am forcing you to view pics of my kids...Atomic Holiday Bazaar is my baby!
If you're free to listen via the web, I will be on Sarasota's wonderful, local homegrown radio station, WSLR 96.5, this Thursday, December 4th at 9:30 a.m.

Truly Sustainable Sarasota
Hostesses: Vicki Chelf & Emily Berno
WSLR 96.5 Sarasota
Listen Live click here

Monday, December 1, 2008

Car City Couture

Car City Couture was at the first Atomic Holiday Bazaar and are finally coming back for some more. Traveling all the way from the frozen tundra of Michigan, let's give them a warm welcome because they rock.

Due to lack of time, I am appropriating exactly what is stated on their Etsy website. Lisa Harrison of Car City Couture began working collaboratively with Kyle Raetz not long after the two met, and Car City Couture was born. With a passion for the art and design of everyday items, quality and uniqueness is of utmost importance. Lisa makes sure that these aspects are never lost in the process. Every piece she makes is a work of art. As a Detroit native Lisa has always been influenced by the rich industrial and art histories of the city. Car City Couture combines that flavor of the city which inspires both Lisa and Kyle. It is their love of Detroit and its complex, layered personality that makes CCC a perfect collaboration.

What can I say, I totally dig this couple and I can't wait to see them again!

I love Kyle's illustrations, his card sets are the best and I can't wait to pick some up!!

Silly Rabbit Vintage & Raging Retro

Just a quick blog about one of my vendors, Silly Rabbit Vintage who is sharing a booth with me, Tuff Betty Bags at this year's Atomic Holiday Bazaar. If you are in the market for some fabulous vintage threads, Silly Rabbit is your gal. Silly Rabbit vintage will be available for a preview this week at Sarasota's Rosemary Rising event, you can find all the gory details below on this fabulous poster created by (drum roll please) the talented Billy Elkins who is my partner in crime for Raging Retro, which will have a slot on the stage during the day of Atomic. Good God Almighty, could I insert anymore hyperlinks into this paragraph? If you are in the SRQ area this Thursday, come meet us, you'll see the Studio 54-like party a thumpin' inside the new teal building across the street from the boutique "everything but the girl." Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Natural Instinct Body and Spa By Kat

This year I have my youngest crafter attending Atomic, Natural Instinct Body & Spa by Kat, who is only 16 but began her business at 14. Um, at 14, I was a bad, bad girl so it makes me happy to have someone with such drive and ambition and a love for what she does as a part of Atomic.

Kat's personal care line includes soaps (exfoliating, extra formulating, moisturizing and massage) scrubs, lotions, body butter, lip balm, body soaks, foaming facial scrubs, shaving bars, bug repellant and a new complete acne and baby products line not leaving out our total pet care products. All of her products are wheat free, gluten free and latex free and I can dig! I am looking forward to meeting sweet chickie!

Atomic Holiday Bazaar - Cliff Roles Radio Interview

Yesterday, Laura Gale from everything but the girl boutique and Freaky Girl Productions and I had the fun pleasure of being interviewed by Cliff Roles. If you missed it, here is a link so you can listen to us pimping Rosemary Rising, which is scheduled for Thursday, December 4, 2008, 5 - 9, held at the Rosemary District in downtown Sarasota and of course, Atomic Holiday Bazaar, scheduled for Sunday, December 14, 2008, noon - 6t p.m. at the Sarasota Municipal Auditorium.

You may listen here folks, it's about ten minutes:

Cliff Roles - scroll to the 11/25/08 line and click to listen.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Carnivale Creations

Carnivale Creations by Becky Sinn comes back for another Atomic. I love this gal. Coolness surrounds her, she's that cool to me. I am not a huge doll person, usually when I'm channel flipping I can't help but get caught on QVC watching Marie Osmond schlocking her scary dolls mass manufactured in China that she sits on her lap and well, the whole experience is weird. However, Becky's dolls are the kind of dolls that I would like to be startled by. I'd love to walk into someones house and see one of these pretties sitting in a chair just staring at me. Disturbing? Yes. Strange? Oh sure. Beautiful? Most definitely. Becky draws them, creates the pattern and then goes to town.

Nautillian - Queen of the Black Lagoon

Nephrodite the Sea Witch

She also makes juicy jewelry that I would love to ply my wrists with! How cool is this?
Pacman Fever Chunky Charm Bracelet

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ragamufyn...Fabulous Stuff

Heather was with Atomic the first year and is back for year III, sharing a booth with 75rabbit (I'll get to her later!)...
Ragymufyn blew my panties off when she sent me some recent pics of what she is bringing to Atomic. I could die I am so excited. I have to have a set of these immediately:

Remember, these are one of a kind. No one's bottom butt your own will slide into these!
Seriously, I could NOT be any more excited about these boy-style whitey tightey/whitie tightie undies. I see some serious topless pillow fights in these.
My references to certain jokes may have gone over some heads but seriously these panties make me feel extremely silly in that fun kind of hop in the hay kind of way or puttin' these on while I flip pancakes for my baby.
Oh, and you can expect so much more from this gal. From bags, to children's clothing, to pouches and scarves. Ya get the picture? Can you dig it? Now let's all get panty happy!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I adore Beanblossom and she's back for more Atomic wonderlandia! Pam Anderson is just someone you instantly like. Her blog is funny and her creations are amusing too. And you all know, I dig funny.

These pics are of her handbags. Believe me, she makes much, much more. Can't wait to appreciate. Give me a B "Beeee" Give me an "A" "Aaaaa" bleeech, you get the picture, "What's that spell?" Beanblossom! All this coming from someone who was never a cheerleader, but for Pam, I'll shout it out!

Bi'atch and Gripe from the Atomic Organizer

Holy hell bells. Pull back the curtain and there are many, many things going on with the makings of Atomic Holiday Bazaar. This recent event, which just occurred a few minutes ago, takes the cake.

I came home to a voice mail from some sweet voiced gal who works for ASCAP. I thought, as I listened to her message, "ASCAP" in reference to Atomic, WTF? I mean, I trademarked the name, that's right suckers, Atomic Holiday Bazaar is trademarked. But ASCAP, The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers? What in the hell did she want with me? Ohhhh, they must want me to pay a fee for my blogs to their organization so I can own my sentiments and then if anyone wants to "lift" or appropriate my verbiage, I can sue the hell out of them. Well doesn't that make life rich?

Just kidding, I knew it wasn't that grand, but seriously what would a large organization such as ASCAP want with a f'in one day a year craft event? Huh?

Well, they want my money. As owner of the show, it lands on my lap, not my DJ's to pay for any song usage during the day of Atomic Holiday Bazaar, just mine. I began to laugh when she told me this. I asked her what the fee was and I think, (I THINK because I had just finished two glasses of wine) the ASCAP representative stated ".075" per song. Why in the hell bother then? I mean, hell if my DJ's play 5o songs and at .075 that comes to about Three Dollars. Maybe I am the village idiot and didn't do the math right. I asked her again the fee and wrote it down and then emailed her to verify that I didn't have a bunch of embroidery thread in my ears. So I will have the fee confirmed tomorrow. I then asked her what if my DJ's play only music on MySpace, unsigned, etc., and she implied "oh we have field rep's and if one is at your show and hears just one song that belongs to ASCAP's vast library" I could be sued at a fee that begins around $600.

Can you believe this shit? Sigh. So, one more thing to do on my list of one billion things to do gearing up for the show is to find it I really indeed did hear the fee per song correctly, because in that case, I think I can swing the money. Or, if I was totally deaf and it is more $$, well hell, you all may just get a stupid tap dance soft shoe shuffle that I'll put together with my troupe of Bureaucratic F' the System Tappers. We're an old bunch but we can tap the shit out of anything and you will be entertained...every pun intended!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Big Brother and Sister are watching us...and for a fee. This is only the beginning.

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Crafty Hag

The Crafty Hag...first off, anyone who would name their business such an entertaining name is A-OK in my little black book. Coralette brings a plethora of craft. This gal has range. She is a busy crafter in the St. Pete/Tampa area and I am happy to have her sense of humor and talent as part of Atomic!

Monster Claw Holiday Stocking

Grrrrr, this stocking reminds me of something my sister would have given or made for me as a child. We love being scared (such a strange human trait). And this monster claw stocking makes me giggle.
Bold Robot Tiki Linocut Card Set

Pretty coolio huh? You are going to dig her, I know I do!

Cherry Runway

Cherry Runway is an independent online shop that offers unique handmade jewelry, clothing, home decor, art and more from various artists and crafters around the U.S. This means, their table is going to be crammed to the gills with some really cool goodies.

Up Up and Away

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lucas Bags

Amy of Lucas Bags arrived at Atomic last year and was a huge hit with her Hippo Sect. A portion of each sale of a stuffed animal hippo is donated to the IUCN/SSC Hippo Group. How cool is that?
This is what happened when I brought my hippo home last year from Atomic, I swear, my dog Enzo sniffed hippo bottom all on his own. I never catch a cool pic when my animals are doing something cute, it's like me, I usually always have a wad of gum in my mouth when I have a pic shot...but this pic is the real deal!

In addition to the hippos, Amy does pet portraits, so bring in a photo of your pet and commission Amy to do something groovy for you. I think they are wonderful pieces of art, her stuff just has a little more soul to the canvas, don't you think?

Monday, November 10, 2008


Ph.Beads returns to Atomic for a third time. Monica must love the atomic torture!

Seriously, Monica is a jewelry artist (and marine biologist) and boy are we lucky to have her come back to Atomic! She is a true metal-smith who thankfully makes affordable (attainable) wearable art for the jewelry addicts on this planet.

While I am all over the map in my style, ala' Liberace, Cher, Don Ho, Hello Dolly, Miss Piggy, I appreciate style with refinement and like to throw on a piece of jewelry that is elegant and interesting yet not completely confusing to the visual pallet. I love the pieces she designed featured below. Coming soon, to a rock-n-rolla craft show, can ya feel it? Oh yeah baby!


While I was perusing Etsy's fabulous "Geo-Locator" this summer, I stumbled upon Brandy of becca-mari. I had to have her, not in that "Rhett Butler" kind of way, just sort of a "she must come to Atomic, I must lure her to the show, even if it's the last crafter I ever contact again."

I was in the market for a gift for my nephew who was turning one. For me, he had all the obvious stuff a one year old should have: the jumpy-jack rubber band swing, the ergonomic bottle, the baby butt blanket I purchased something I thought he would have fun looking at on a shelf but really it was for his mama. The item below is what I bought...and it was as kooky and fabulous in person as it appeared on-line. I had a hard time shipping it to my niecelette but in the end, good behavior finally prevailed (not something I cave to often).


Monday, November 3, 2008

Dog Save The Queen Tees

Dog Save the Queen Tees, "we mean it man" and if you don't get the Sex Pistols reference, than shame on you. This fabulous t-shirt company will be shacked up with With Sugar on Top and Slushbox, sharing a booth at Atomic.

DSQT makes primarily punk inspired t-shirts for dogs but if the moon is full and they are feeling kindness towards thier own species (that's homosapien folks) they will screenprint t'shirts for us too!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our Lady of Perpetual Pickles

I love Jessi of "Our Lady of Perpetual Pickles" but even better than my love for her is my addiction to her "Sweet Heat" pickles. Oh lordy, she almost makes me a believer. Thinly sliced crunchy pickles in this sweet sauce that has a little Ka-Pow to it! Her space is going to be located right behind my booth at Atomic this year so I can eat all the free samples! Don't worry, I'll be buying them up so you better get to AHB early this year, her stuff sells quickly! On a side note, she also makes some very amusing crafty items too but I have to admit, it's her canning skills that do me in!! Over and over and over again.

Here is a lovely explanation from Jessi regarding the old art of canning and why she belongs in Atomic.

"Our Lady of Perpetual Pickles" speakeths outeths to youethsssss:

"What's not to love about us canners??? We like to preserve everything! I think that is how we fit in with the whole vintage vibe. The stuff we can might not be old (which is good), but the recipes, stories, and methods are completely old school/vintage! Not many moms and dads did canning when we were younger (70's era), but in the 40's, 50's, and early 60's most of our grandparents were doing this as a part of routine which I think puts it right into that vintage spot."

"Sorry...the last couple of shows I have been to I have heard a couple of people mention that my stuff was more "country craft" than hipster/urban crafts and that I shouldn't be there (I'm talking like two people, so I'm not super upset...and I think they were upset because their stuff wasn't selling). It just chaps my hide because many of the crafts I see are very vintage inspired, and I consider canning a very vintage hobby. Everyone has their own opinion I know...but I just wish I didn't have good hearing sometimes. Ok...I'll get off my soap box now."

"I just tried my family's famous Hindustani Mango Chutney recipe last night!!!! It has more of a curry-ish flavor to it than the mango chutney/relish we get in the seafood restaurants. It tastes really awesome, but not exactly like I remember it. It took two days to make and it will be a gourmet item, my grandmother says it can be used as an appetizer if you take a cracker, put a dollop of cream cheese, and then the chutney on top. I say that's a snack...but that's me. We always have it as a relish or side item when we have really never gets past that because we eat it all. My mom eats it straight out of the jar." ~Jessi

Friday, October 24, 2008

Creative Loafing - "Best of the Suncoast 2008" - Orange Press & Everything but the Girl

This is sweet sparkly news. Two participants in this year's AHB show have won a "Best of the Suncoast '08" from Creative Loafing (CL is an Atomic sponsor) this year. Both Orange Press & Everything but the Girl. Their victories are Atomic victories because I am happy to have them in the show. Orange Press donated 100 of their zines for the swag tote give aways last year and are doing the same this year. However, this year Orange Press will have their very own table selling some cool stuff. Jen Nugent makes some killer bags from refurbished bike tire innards.

Everything but the Girl, well, I can't write without being biased. The owner, Laura Gale, is my gal-pal and sells my stuff along with other AHB crafter's wares. Vintage and sweet items a'plenty in her boutique, Ms. Gale has been instrumental in getting the Rosemary District vibe a'growing. Read all about these two winners below or just pick up the latest issue of Creative Loafing.

Soap at Pastimes Pub
Local power couple John Lichtenstein (aka one-man band, Skiffle) and Orange Press Zine publisher Jen Nugent organize and promote this electrapsychocandy dance party, an ongoing sequel of sorts to the previous boogie nights known as Dirt. The monthly showcase features an ever-changing lineup of DJs, rock bands, rappers and electronic artists. Get out to Pastimes on the Tuesday they've selected, or risk having to sit tight for the next installment. or

Everything But the Girl
EBTG was a rad enough little boutique before it introduced vintage duds. Now with new old clothing and accessories arriving weekly, the Rosemary District niche is one-stop oooh-and-ahhing, thanks to proprietress Laura Gale's keen eye for timeless pieces and her merchandising charms. Toss in jewelry, house wares, handbags, jewelry, even fine art – handcrafted by up-and-coming local artists – and Gale's got everything a girl could want and then some. 430 Central Ave., Sarasota, 954-8800 or

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

With Sugar on Top & Slushbox - Atomic Repeat Offenders

With Sugar on Top & Slushbox are a duo who will be attending Atomic for the third time. I dig 'em, obviously! Here are some cool tiddybitties about these two: Amanda, from With Sugar on Top, not only runs her D-I-Y bizness, but she also has a cupcake/bakery company AND she runs Stitch, another holiday bazaar in Delray Beach, FL...she also happens to have some of the sweetest tattoos ever. JR of Slushbox is an amazingly talented artist who is too incredibly humble and really could be an obnoxious bad ass if he wanted to, but he's not, he is down to earth and funny as hell. For the third year in a row, I will continue to say, if you want a good laugh, read JR's bio here, because it is one funny piece of reading material. Oh, and they are getting married this Halloween...too f'in cool for school!
With Sugar on TopVintage Gumball Brass Heart Bracelet
Per, Amanda, "this piece is a mix of my two favorite things vintage and sweetness!" Hand poured resin and sprinkles into 5 vintage brass hearts to create this sweet lil bracelet! Adjustable in length with the chain. "So sweet it reminds me of a vintage gumball machine!"
I'd have to agree, this bracelet is adorable!

(check out the link above so you can see the detail!)

My car had to go into the shop yesterday. I am working a few jobs at the moment just trying to make it and the above painting speaks volumes to me at the moment...

Leaving Las Vegas

I am a huge fan of Slushbox t-shirts. Comfy, entertaining and colorful. May I stress again, the hell with Targetti, Wal-farts, K-Merts and all the others who have decided to sell "cool t-shirts." Pul-leeze Lou-eeze, come to Atomic and pick up a true original t-shirt from Slushbox.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Art of Skulls

I used to live in Los Angeles for many years and I can tell you, I loved the Mexican influence on the City of Angels. I love cooking Mexican food, anything sprinkled with jalepenos, I dig hot sauces, mole, and I'm not talking Tex-Mex -- which has its place. I am talkin' real, authentic Mexican cookin' (droppin' the N's like Ms. Sarah Palin, now ain't that down home?)...

What I am leading up to is the next crafter Art of Skulls, I love Día de los Muertos / Day of the Dead, (check the link if you don't know what it is!)! These beautiful skulls remind me of living in L.A., close to the beautiful border of Mexico. Via con dios or may the force be with you my darlins!
These affordable little works of smilin' skulls also come as candle holders and a few other shapes and sizes. I can't wait to build my own little family of smilin' skulls!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Handmade Holiday Bazaar + Sew It's For You + Elle Belle = Check It!

This is going to be a meaty piece of bloggy pie. My crafty ladies of Sew It's For You and Elle Belle have organized "Handmade Holiday Bazaar" on November 9th, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. at Fiberologie in St. Pete, Florida. I am hoping to cart my busy ass up to their shindiggy provided I can battle my way out of my house which is filled with thread, vintage clothing, half-made handbags, half-made D-I-Y kits, etc-crafty-f'in-cetera. It's that time of the year when the craft supplies just take over the house like black mold, it happens quickly and before I know it, I can't find the couch, my Ipod, nuthin, it's all covered up. If you've seen my cat, tell her I changed the litterbox and we're good to go now.

Sew It's For You
Pin Up Girls Hand Embroidered Napkins

I am a sucker for vintage napkins and linens. I love the old aprons, I dig putting them on when I am cooking. It's just fun for me. I rarely buy something new but Julie's pin up napkins put me over the moon. Bright fun colors with shapely gals to wipe our mouths on and place properly in our laps. Risque' Dining for sure and I love a good dinner that leads to something else...!!!???

Elle Belle
Mom Tattoo Embroidered Baby Sling This sling earned Elle Belle a spot in the finals of the Etsy Handmade Kid Contest! That's a huge deal, I mean there are thousands of us on Etsy so kudos to Stacey! If you want to read more about this sling and its merits, click here. Elle Belle was in AHB II and is sharing a booth with Sew It's For You for a grand slam of embroidery overload, yee haw!

Full Set of Count and Spell Color Recognition Beanbags by Elle Belle
1, 2, 3, 4 who loves to count even more? I do. However, I can count up to ten these days so I don't need these bags but what a fun gift for that kid in your life who is learning to count and learn their colors; or maybe you can buy a set of these for that dippy friend who is always short changing you when it comes to splitting the bill. Or maybe you can pass these bags off as change while shopping since these beanbags are probably way more valuable than our U.S. dollar-roonie.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lolablue...indulge yourself...respect mother earth.

Lolablue creates hand-crafted Soy candles, candle scents, soy tart chunks, tart burners, soy lip balm, coffee sugar scrubs, skyclad sugar scrubs, sacred body balms and more...all by Lolablue who returns to the Atomic show down in the soy candle corral. Um, sorry, all of those words made me wax poetic. Hahaha. I'm killing myself softly. No seriously, Jamie is a pro when it comes to blending yummy natural concoctions for the body.

Lemongrass Mint

Skyclad, as described by Jamie, is any ritual performed in the nude (I'm there!), to be free to reclaim your energy, to celebrate yourself, while bringing balance to the mind and spirit. What's not to love about that?? And all wrapped up in the delightful aromatherapy of lemongrass and mint, or lavender vanilla. Oh my...

BungleBear Designs

Mushroom Print -- of an original ink drawing, digitally colored, 5" x 7"
I get many applications for Atomic and sometimes the names people choose for their companies strike certain chords in me. I know I have no right to be that way, I've had people do double takes and roll their eyes when I say "Tuff Betty Bags" is the name of my company. Ok, look, I have to admit, I was a bit dubious about "Bungle Bear" as I was concerned thinking to myself, "Oh no, another crafter submitting their teddy bears..." However, I WAS WAY WRONG. The moral of this crafty tale is never ever judge a book by its cover. Andrea of BungleBear Designs is driving over from Orlando to participate in Atomic! Her items are affordable, lovely and won't kill your holiday spending budget.

MINI Clutch - Blue Bambis (OMG, I love this!)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Theophany Designs

I'm mad for this chick's stuff. Licia's "theophany designs" are slick, not in an overproduced kind of way. She has a keen eye for clean and delightful design. I can't wait to shop from this gal and neither should you...

From affordable prints:

"wrap her up in a package of lies"

to mixed media collage:


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Felt and Paper

Wool Felt Lace Owl

High tailing it all the way from Orlando, I chased Felt and Paper down
with Etsy's fabulous geolocator. Felt and Paper's adorable wares
are affordable, well made and terrific holiday stuffers!

Check out her "City Heart Magnet - Wedgewood"
Made out of sculpey clay pressed with a lino block cut.
Painted with acrylics and covered in a uv gloss spray.
I dig it and so should you...and you should BUY HANDMADE this holiday season!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Natty Moss Bond

I can't remember how I electronically met Natty...and that goes for most of you too (since I know its mostly just the Atomic crafters who are reading this)...

Little creations of however, or whatever, you want to interpret can be found in Natty's charming effort of assembling reused bits and pieces. This is the kind of object that I like to use for holiday decorating, not the Wal-mart mass manufactured crap. Natty will be bringing other goodies that she has assembled in many different forms...great affordable one of a kind holiday gifts!
Viva "Buy Handmade!"

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Audillinc will hook you up with comfy cottons!

Audillinc makes "eco-friendly" men and women's apparel using organic cotton, recycled polyester, and rayon with soy based inks. Nothin' like a comfy cotton t-shirt to snuggle into.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Zombuki's Love You, no really they do or at least want to!

Zombuki's Love You, no really they do or at least want to! What the hell is a Zombuki? As Brigitte explains, a Zombuki is a hand painted, heavily customized Japanese doll. The one above is just one of a million, she really has created that many. I picked the one above because this Zombuki reminds me a little bit of a cross of my friend who I call "Bootsie" and some hottie who works at the Sarasota Olive Oil Co.

In addition to Zombuki's, Brigitte creates some really cool jewelry that I am looking forward to eyeballing also! I love this!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

I Took The Handmade Pledge & So Should You

If you plan on attending Atomic Holiday Bazaar, I encourage all who enter, to sign the Buy Handmade Pledge. The pledge simply states: "I pledge to buy handmade this holiday season, and request that others do the same for me." This pledge began earlier this year and sign-ups are growing in numbers.

As Atomic Holiday Bazaar has always spouted, forget about the big stores this holiday season; avoid the mall, car pool and come support crafters who have have lovingly poured their heart and soul into their crafty items for you to pick up at a steal.